Finance sets a date for the payment of receivables of contractors


Since 2018-04-19 at 11:25 (Baghdad time)

Special Mawazine News

Ahmed Hamad, vice president of the union, said Thursday that the Ministry of Finance decided to transfer the financial dues of the contractors to the provinces starting from next Sunday.

Hamad said in an interview with Mawazin News that “after negotiating with a delegation headed by the Iraqi Contractors Union with the Ministry of Finance has been decided to pay the dues of contractors,” adding that “the transfer of funds will begin from next Sunday.”

He added that “50% of the amounts will be transferred to the incomplete provinces priorities, 100% of the provinces full priority, and 30% will be transferred to the Central Bank.”

Hamad pointed out that “the tax imposed on contractors will be excluded in the decision 347 issued by the government considering that these companies lost because of forcing the government to stop.”

On Wednesday, dozens of contractors left for a demonstration in front of the Ministry of Finance demanding payment of their dues





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