National Security Council postpones visit to Iraq



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Khandan –

The United Nations Security Council has decided to postpone a planned visit to Iraq before the May elections at the request of the Iraqi government, diplomats said Wednesday.

Iraqi authorities told the council in a letter this week that many officials would be preoccupied with the election campaign that began on Saturday, and would not be able to meet the ambassadors of the Security Council.

“In view of the start of the election campaign on April 14 and because all the political parties and constitutional bodies in Iraq are currently participating in this campaign, which will not enable the members of the Council to meet with Iraqi officials,” Iraqi Ambassador Mohammed Hussein Bahr al-Uloum said in a letter to the council. Iraqi mission of the Council to postpone the planned visit. ”

The ambassador said the mission “looks forward to welcoming the members of the council in Baghdad in the future.”

The elections in Iraq are held on 329 seats in parliament on May 12 next, in the first elections taking place in the country after the defeat of the organization “calling” terrorist.

The United States was to lead the council’s delegation to Peru, which holds the council presidency this month.

Peru’s ambassador to the council, Meza-Quadra, told reporters this month that the council’s move to Iraq was aimed at showing support for the elections after three years of war against the “Da’ash”.

He added that Iraq “needs the support of the international community to rebuild the country and ensure reconciliation” after the Iraqi military campaign to restore areas controlled by the terrorist organization.

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