National Security Council postpones visit to Iraq



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Khandan –

The United Nations Security Council has decided to postpone a planned visit to Iraq before the May elections at the request of the Iraqi government, diplomats said Wednesday.

Iraqi authorities told the council in a letter this week that many officials would be preoccupied with the election campaign that began on Saturday, and would not be able to meet the ambassadors of the Security Council.

“In view of the start of the election campaign on April 14 and because all the political parties and constitutional bodies in Iraq are currently participating in this campaign, which will not enable the members of the Council to meet with Iraqi officials,” Iraqi Ambassador Mohammed Hussein Bahr al-Uloum said in a letter to the council. Iraqi mission of the Council to postpone the planned visit. ”

The ambassador said the mission “looks forward to welcoming the members of the council in Baghdad in the future.”

The elections in Iraq are held on 329 seats in parliament on May 12 next, in the first elections taking place in the country after the defeat of the organization “calling” terrorist.

The United States was to lead the council’s delegation to Peru, which holds the council presidency this month.

Peru’s ambassador to the council, Meza-Quadra, told reporters this month that the council’s move to Iraq was aimed at showing support for the elections after three years of war against the “Da’ash”.

He added that Iraq “needs the support of the international community to rebuild the country and ensure reconciliation” after the Iraqi military campaign to restore areas controlled by the terrorist organization.


European Parliament confirms its support for Iraq



19/4/2018 12:00 am

Baghdad / Al-Sabah

The European Union (EU) parliament on Wednesday reaffirmed its support for the overall democratic process

“The delegation of the European Union Parliament, during a meeting with representatives of the political blocs and the Foreign Relations Committee in the House of Representatives and the Independent High Electoral Commission, confirmed its support for the overall democratic process
in Iraq.”
The EU mission renewed its commitment to strengthening cooperation in combating terrorism, political and economic reforms and regional security.

Washington: We do not support any candidate in the Iraqi elections


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US State Department spokeswoman Heather Noiret confirmed that her country does not support any candidate in the Iraqi elections scheduled for May 12.
“We wish them good luck in their elections,” Noiret said in a press briefing on Wednesday that Washington does not support any candidate in the legislative elections in Iraq.
“I have confidence in the Iraqi people, I think the Iraqi people will also trust themselves,” she said.

Peshmerga issued an explanation of salaries


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Secretary-General of the Peshmerga Ministry, the team, Jabbar Yawar, on Wednesday, the completion of lists of salaries of the Peshmerga, “pointing out that” Peshmerga will receive their salaries according to the old system of saving. “
“The ministry has finished all lists of salaries of the Peshmerga with scrutiny,” said Jabbar Yawar in a press statement. “The ministry is waiting for the provincial government to pay the salaries of the Peshmerga.”
He added that “the provincial government has not informed us of any changes in salaries of the Peshmerga,” noting that “the salaries of the Peshmerga will be according to the old system of saving.”
The Kurdistan Regional Government has recently announced a new amendment to the salaries of staff in the region against the backdrop of mass demonstrations against the system of compulsory savings, while no decision has yet to save the salaries of the Peshmerga and internal forces.

Chemical Weapons Inspectors Shot in Syria: Report


Chemical Weapons Inspectors Shot in Syria: Report

ERBIL – The UN’s security team was shot at on Wednesday after they tried to conduct an investigation on the suspected chemical attack in Douma, claimed the Organization for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).

Syrian government has been accused of gassing tens of civilians to death in the rebel-held town on April 7.

OPCW inspectors have been attempting to find out what exactly happened in that incident, but they have reportedly being presented from doing so by the Syrian regime.

Syrian President Bashar al-Asad has denied to have been involved in the chemical attack.


Interior of the region: No new decision on the salaries of ministry employees

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Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior in the Kurdistan Regional Government Jalal Sheikh Karim, not to take any decision so far on the amendment of the percentage of savings from the salaries of employees of the Ministry of Interior.
He said, in a press statement, on Wednesday, “has not yet issued any decision on the new system of salaries of employees of the Ministry of the Interior, denying at the same time that there is a decision to allocate 10 billion Iraqi dinars to add to the salaries of internal staff, Internal “.
The Kurdistan Regional Government, decided at a meeting today, the implementation of a new system of salaries, in which the percentage of savings from salaries less than the race, and included the decision most ministries, but the Ministry of the Interior and other ministries have not been covered by the decision yet.

Nechirvan Barzani and Jan Kubesh discuss political process and elections in Iraq

Both sides stressed the importance of dialogue to solve problems …

basnews en

18/04/2018 – 13:54

News / Kurdistan

The Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region with the UN special envoy on Wednesday, the political process and the elections in Iraq, in addition to the latest dialogue between Baghdad and Erbil.

Earlier this morning, Nechirvan Barzani received Jan Kubic, UN special envoy to Iraq.

The two sides discussed during the meeting of the political process in Iraq and the elections of the Iraqi Council of Representatives in May next, and highlighted the participation of the Kurdistan Region in the elections, hoping for the success of the elections and the political process in the country.

The forces and political parties in the Kurdistan region are participating in the parliamentary elections to be held on May 12 next.

On the other side of the meeting, the two sides discussed the developments of the dialogue between Erbil and Baghdad, and the work of joint committees between them, and steps taken so far as lifting the ban on the airports of the Kurdistan Region and the release of part of the salaries of the staff of the region and the continuation of dialogue, Problems through dialogue.

Relations between Erbil and Baghdad have been strained following the self-determination referendum held in the Kurdistan region in September last year and won overwhelming support for independence from Iraq.

However, these relations have recently witnessed a marked improvement between meetings and rounds of dialogue between the two sides.

The meeting also shed light on the situation in Iraq and the region and the war on the Daash and other issues.

Two international companies will hold two workshops at the headquarters of the Association of Private Banks to classify the Iraqi banking sector


Economy News Baghdad:

The Global Credit Rating Agency (KFT) and the Islamic Classification Agency (ISNA) have established two workshops for commercial and Islamic banks in cooperation with the Union of Arab Banks and the Central Bank of Iraq.

The Association of Iraqi private banks in a press statement received by “Economy News”, “The distinguished relations between the Association of private banks and international banking organizations and companies contributed to the development of the Iraqi banking sector through courses and workshops and exchange of experiences between the parties,” noting that ” Iraq, in collaboration with the Global Credit Rating Agency, and two workshops on the assessment of banks and compliance with international standards.

She pointed out that “37 people working in Islamic and commercial banks participated in the workshops,” noting that “the banking sector looks forward to further cooperation with international banks in order to develop relations with correspondent banks.”

On the other hand, the President of the Association of Iraqi private banks, Wadih al-Hanal in his speech during the opening of the training workshops, “The Association of private banks seeking to strengthen the relations of Iraqi banks with international and Arab banks, which will reflect positively on the Iraqi economy,” adding that “Iraqi banks committed By international standards “.

He pointed out that “Iraq is witnessing during the current stage a great openness by Arab banks and there is a desire to open branches of Gulf banks inside Iraq,” explaining that “Iraqi banks will hold a conference with the European Union in the French capital during the coming period.”

He pointed out that “the trust between the banks and the Central Bank of Iraq played an important role in the development of banks, which will be reflected positively.”

Meanwhile, the representative of the Union of Arab Banks, Raja Kamouni, said during her speech at the opening of the two workshops that “the Union of Arab Banks has worked in association with the Association of Private Banks and the Central Bank of Iraq with international rating agencies that help the Iraqi banking sector to classify by removing many of the obstacles facing it” , Pointing out that “the European intelligence agency is concerned with sovereign classification and classification of financial markets and Iraq needs its services to facilitate the work of the banking sector.”

She explained that “the workshops organized by the Association of Private Banks aim to explain the importance of classification of financial institutions and identify the strengths and weaknesses to work on them,” adding that “the current trend with the Association of private banks and the Central Bank to conduct training in three phases in the area of financial classification.”

“Classification is a tool for the development of the financial sector and the 56 member states of the Islamic Organization. Only seven countries are classified as Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Turkey, Iran and Saudi Arabia,” said the head of strategic auditing at CAPT. Promoting Sukuk, supporting small and medium-sized enterprises and identifying the outlook for the banking sector. ”


An oil company receiving $ 56.44 million from the region

aljournal April 18, 2018

Baghdad – Journal News

Norwegian oil company DNO announced on Wednesday it had received $ 56.44 million from the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), saying it would share it with its partner, Genel Energy, according to their shares.

“We received $ 56.44 million from the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) for crude oil deliveries in January 2018 to the export market under the Tawke license,” the Norwegian company said in a statement.

“The money will be shared by dno and its partner, Genel Energy, both as per its share in the license,” she said. “We received $ 5.24 million from the Iraqi Kurdistan government, which represents 3 percent of the total revenues of the Tawke license in January.”

“Dno manages and holds a 75 per cent stake in the Tawke license, which includes the Tawke and Bashkaber fields,” the company said.

Iraq and the European Union sign a financial reform agreement worth 15.4 million euros

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Iraq and the European Union signed on Wednesday an agreement on financial reform in Iraq at a cost of 15.6 million euros to strengthen the regulatory institutions and develop the public financial management in Iraq. The agreement was signed by the Iraqi Minister of Planning Salman Jumaili and the European side by the Ambassador of the Union Europe’s ambassador to Iraq, Ramon Blakeau and World Bank representative Emmanuel Coville.

“The signing of this agreement is the first outcome of the Kuwait conference, which is being formally realized. We have signed with the European Union an agreement on the program to strengthen supervision of public financial management and strengthen accountability institutions,” Jumaili said at a press conference following the signing of the agreement.

“This program is a complement to a package of programs that the EU has been looking at for years on governance in sound financial management,” he said.

Jumaili explained that “these programs are related to the promotion of the discourse of tolerance and the media, including education, as well as programs related to the development of local administrations and strengthen the potential of the Ministry of Justice and the Interior in the management of governance.” “This is the first of these programs,” he said,

adding that “there is a set of previous programs for this program which falls within the framework of the cooperation agreement with the European Union.

Stressing that “continue to follow the outputs of the Kuwait Conference,” revealing “the formation of a national team and the pioneer countries that have made or expressed their willingness, both in the field of grants or loans or investments during the Kuwait Conference, we have received answers from more than ten countries so far and we are waiting for answers from countries Other confirm these commitments formally. ”

OAC Jumaili that “the Ministry of Planning and in the reconstruction of Iraq Fund fully prepared to implement or cooperate with these commitments in order to translate into reality through which we can rebuild in the liberated areas and in all the provinces of Iraq.”

He noted , “We are pleased with this constructive international cooperation , which is visible from the international community, which The Iraqi government continues to cooperate with all the international bodies that are willing Yum support for Iraq. ”

For his part, said Ambassador of the European Union in Iraq, Ramon Belkoa, “This agreement is the first fruits of the Kuwait conference,” noting that “this is very important because it will have an important relationship to the reconstruction and economic and political reform, which is pledged by the European Union, Especially in the fight against corruption, as well as accounting and providing better services. This is the focus of this program. ”

“Coordination with donors who will provide grants to Iraq, as well as using resources better, will be a priority for this program,” he said.

“Iraq is a rich country, but it needs a better management of resources. What is more important is accountability and fighting corruption,” he said. “This is important and the EU will always stand with Iraq in its challenges.”

Blakewa said that “after getting rid of the dashing, Iraq will have the greatest challenge and the process of building for a better future.”

The European Union and the World Bank will participate in the implementation of this agreement, which will complement the World Bank’s 41.5 million dollars program launched in 2017 as the modernization of public financial management systems.