The Association of Iraqi Private Banks joins a course on international standards and FATF recommendations

Economy News _ Baghdad

The Iraqi Private Banks Association held a training course on “International Standards and FATF Recommendations” at its headquarters in Baghdad, with the participation of 39 trainees from private banks, the central bank and financial transfer companies.
Mr. Ali Tarek, Executive Director of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks, said at the opening of the training course, which was attended by “Economy News”, that “in view of the size of banks and their activities and their aspiration to build strong banking institutions, the Association set up today the session” International Standards and Recommendations for Financial Action AFTF ” Of amendments and with the participation of the Central Bank, and for four days. ”
“The session will include explaining the international standards of the Financial Action Group” AFTF “and how to deal with them and their application with Iraqi banks, which will reflect positively on the global financial classification of Iraq.”
“Participants in the course will receive the 40 recommendations guide in Arabic to be a reference to the work.

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