Parliament holds a session without laws (controversial)

17/4/2018 12:00 am

Expectations that it will not be the last
Baghdad / morning

The House of Representatives is supposed to hold its session on Tuesday, while parliamentary expectations indicate that the session will be devoid of controversial laws, and it will not be the last.

The House of Representatives Speaker of the House of Representatives Niasi Amar, said in a press statement: The parliament session, which is scheduled to be held on Tuesday will not be the last, because the rules of procedure sets the 30th of June next date for the completion of the House of Representatives, explaining that “Parliament can at any time during this period To hold a session, whether regular or emergency to discuss matters that happen or updates the political situation as necessary. ”
He added that “most of the current deputies are candidates in the upcoming elections, and therefore expect their presence to the session as the public opinion and follow-up to see who attend the meetings, especially this sensitive time with the start of election propaganda, therefore, the absence of their presence will have a negative impact on them, “We expect that the attendance will be good enough to complete the quorum and put some laws to vote.” He added that “the session will include the presentation of the laws passed from the previous session, including voting on judges assigned to the Court of Cassation in addition to a number of other laws, Nothing in the agenda One of the basic controversial laws, which will be carried over to the next session. “



World Gold Council reveals Iraq’s reserves


Date of release: 2018/4/16 23:46 • 52 times read
World Gold Council revealed on Monday that Iraq is ranked 37 globally and fifth Arab in gold reserves of 90 tons.
According to statistics of the Council, “the world’s gold reserves increased by 54 tons this month, Iraq ranks 37th among the list of 100 countries.”
“Iraq is ranked fifth in the Arab countries after Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Algeria and Libya,” he said. “Iraq’s gold reserves are 89.8 tons.”
“Iraq bought 15.16 tons of gold in 2014,” he said.

The US economy allocates 75 million dollars for the reconstruction of Sinjar and Nineveh Plain

America allocates $ 75 million to Emaar Sinjar and Nineveh Plain
 Twilight News    
 one hour ago

US Deputy Secretary of State John Hood said on Monday that his country had allocated 75 million dollars for the reconstruction of Sinjar district and Nineveh plain area.

In a statement to reporters on the sidelines of his visit to the Lalish temple, Hood said that the United States has allocated a sum of 75 million dollars for the reconstruction of the Nineveh Plain and Sinjar, which have been destroyed by the war with a supporter.

Nine tunnels were destroyed and dozens of IEDs found near the Syrian border

Release Date: 2018/4/16 21:20 • 1 times read

{Baghdad: Al Furat News} Security forces destroyed, 9 tunnels for terrorist gangs in Nineveh province.
“Security forces in the 15th Infantry Division of the Nineveh Operations Command and during the inspections destroyed nine tunnels and added gangs,” a spokesman for the security information center Brigadier Yehia Rasool said in a statement received by the Euphrates News Agency.
He added that the force “found 5 piles containing 143 explosive devices and the dismantling and detonation of 21 other packages.”
“The force also found 34 82 mm mortar rounds, 24 120mm mortar rounds, 117 120mm mortar rounds and Bkc rifle.”
He pointed out that “these operations in the strategic line towards the mountain range of Sheikh Ibrahim Mount Zambur village incense and towards Umm al-Shabait international border with Syria.”

Rafidain Bank announces the granting of loans of all kinds to citizens



Rafidain Bank announced on Monday the completion and granting of loans of all kinds to citizens during the month of February.
The bank’s information office said in a statement that the proceeds of the loans granted to citizens in February were granted building loans, which were set at 50 million dinars in a plot of land not less than 50 meters. The number of grant transactions was 95 transactions. And micro-enterprise loans of 15 million dinars, where 230 transactions were granted.
The statement pointed out that the citizens were loaned to buy apartments in Basmaya housing was granted (187) treatment of citizens, and was granted funding loans and scientific research to (41) treatment in addition to the granting of loans to other sectors.


The three presidencies are briefed on the articles of the National Oil Company Law



Since 2018-04-16 at 18:42 (Baghdad time)

Baghdad – Mawazine News

The oil and energy specialists, on Monday, the three presidencies, in addition to members of parliament and the Minister of Oil and Iraqi newspapers, remarks on the articles of the law of the Iraqi National Oil Company.

“We welcome the issuance of a law for the Iraqi National Oil Company in accordance with the privacy and priorities of its work, and we consider it a step forward, and in view of its importance and our keenness to work efficiently without any physical or administrative obstacles, the specialists said in an open letter on the law of the National Oil Company, We believe that the executive authority is the authority concerned with the management of oil and gas according to Article 112 of the Constitution. Since the aforementioned draft law was approved by the Council of Representatives and then approved by the President of the Republic, although it was not submitted by the Executive, , Hoping to take it into consideration To be considered when reviewing the articles of the law. ”

2 – According to Article 10 – Second of the law, the Minister of Oil has the right to object to the decisions of the company and submit alternative proposals to the Council of Ministers for approval, which would detract from the independence of the company and allow the interference in its affairs by the ministry, which must be concerned with policy and planning , In accordance with Article 112 of the Constitution, and leaves the executive and operational matters of the Company, in accordance with Article 112 (1) of the Constitution, that the company shall abide by the oil policy of the State as regulated by the laws and regulations in force, And we must not forget what h The company in 1987 when it was incorporated into the ministry because of administrative differences between the parties. ”

In addition, one of the company’s objectives and business is marketing and investing in manufacturing. In response to these ambitious goals, we welcome the company’s return to life again, but its main objective is to remain in the field of exploration, production and field development, because other areas, And the liquidation will weaken its work technically and administratively, which affects the efficiency of its performance in the field of its basic work, which is not only the management of current production processes but also management and development of fields of oil and gas reserves currently known (proven) and estimated at (140) billion barrels of oil and (110) Trillion cubic feet Gas, noting that the exploration in the country is not yet completed, and after completion may increase oil and gas reserves to more than double the size of the current, and here it is useful to note that the level of performance of current oil companies associated with the Ministry of Oil is not enviable, so how will be the level of performance if The company’s new functions have expanded to include manufacturing industries Sumo and others? And how can the company perform its tasks efficiently, if its technical and administrative staff remain at the same level as the current, and the appointments were based on non-professional basis? ”

“The company’s capital is 400 billion dinars, which can be increased with the approval of the Council of Ministers (Article 5). It is not consistent with being financially and administratively independent. On the one hand, this amount determines the company’s ability to invest because of its size, On the other hand, it is not compatible with being financially independent, because it will remain dependent on state finance, unless it is allowed to make profits subject to income tax and added to its working capital, in order to qualify for competition with the companies considered. Article 11 of the law allows the company To achieve a percentage of profits, after deducting the share of the State, but these profits B to fund (capital reserve), according to Article 12 of the law, and it is not clear whether it is possible to use the balance of this fund to strengthen the company’s working capital, or whether it is not used only in case of emergency conditions only. ”

The specialists added that the law allows the deduction of at least 10% of the remaining oil imports after deducting all the investment and operating costs of the company. The first principle is to reserve the capital and the second to the citizen and the third to the generations and the fourth to the reconstruction. In response to this, we say: 1 – The principle of deducting at least 10% of the oil imports is difficult to justify in these circumstances experienced by the country, The high externalities and the requirements for the reconstruction of the cities that have been devastated by a big call The distribution of profits to citizens, as well as being a drop in the sea, it strengthens the culture of dependence on the state, and as a result it exacerbates the rent situation of the Iraqi economy, and not vice versa, 3 – if there is not enough funds for the generation How can we open a fund ” For future generations? However, when sufficient funds are available in the future, a fund can be opened for generations, some of which also cover some of the annual budget deficit. 4. In addition, the financial and technical management of these large projects is not within the jurisdiction of the National Oil Company, To create new departments with financial, banking and legal powers to manage the citizens and generations funds, and create an engineering and economic department to manage the reconstruction fund project, which is not easy, especially on the company is still in the first way.

“(5) The distribution of profits under Article 12 ter of the Law distributes the profits of the Citizen Fund to Iraqis residing in Iraq with equal shares. These profits shall be withheld from the regions and governorates that refrain from delivering oil and gas revenues to the Company. The article of the law raises many questions, perhaps the most important: Are federal laws binding for all or can be bypassed by the region and the provinces? And if binding to all why talk about the delivery of oil revenues or not? , Is the right of the Council of Intent The distinction between Iraqis inside and outside and is prescribed for the one without the other? Is it possible to go beyond that by converting the fund to needy citizens who fund are below the poverty line, thus replacing the current social welfare fund, burdened with abuses and inefficiency? “.

According to the letter, “the relationship with the Kurdistan region”, although article 2 (2) of the law said that the company is operating in all the territory of the Republic of Iraq and abroad on behalf of the Iraqi state, but the oil relationship with the Kurdistan region is not clear, Except as provided in Article 6 of the Law, the appointment of the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Natural Resources in the Region as a member of the Board of Directors of the Company, the questions that come to mind are who will coordinate the production and transport operations in the Territory, and what is the role of the company? In short, will the province apply what is applied in the governorates? Produced? “.

“Article VII of the Constitution stipulates that the company shall manage oil and gas with the governments of the region and the producing provinces. However, if we look at article (6) of the law, we note that the board of directors of the company does not Which will not be represented in the board of directors of the company? Will they be involved in the discussion of things that concern them only or what ?, Mirdvin said: “In conclusion, we see the need to wait for the implementation of the law until the necessary adjustments, Taking our observations into account, you are very kind Thanks and respect “.

(Tariq Ihsan Shafiq), founder and executive director of the Iraqi National Oil Company, 1964, oil consultant to date (Thamer Hamid al-Akeili), former Director General of several companies belonging to the Ministry of Oil / Iraqi National Oil Company, , 1993. Oil consultant to date, Kamel Mahmoud Al-Muhaidi, Deputy Director General for Planning and Studies, former oil researcher and consultant, Hashim Al-Khorsan, Member of the National Oil Company, 1977-1987. 1990, Technical and Economic Consultant, Mobil Oil Company 1992, Head of Pioneer American Branch in Tunisia until 2010. He is currently an advisor to Qahtan Hamid Al Anbuge, Director of North Refinery Projects and Director General of several companies in the Ministries of Oil and Industry and the National Oil and Gas Manufacturing Department of the Ministry of Oil until 2004, currently Consultant Engineer (Alaa Kazim Al Khatib). Iraq, the United States and five other countries (Abdel-Zahra Koudem El Mohamadawy), consultant engineer, over 30 years of experience in oil exploration (Hussein Mahmood Al Mehdi), an oil expert with more than 35 years of experience in production geology, (Adel Alani), Consultant Engineer, Director of Drilling Development Leary, director of the material previously in the South Oil Company, the director of a number of drilling projects in a number of companies inside and outside Iraq, and managing director of the Arab Company for the maintenance of oil equipment, (Maaz al-Fayad), an oil engineer consultant, operations of oil wells and Algaz.anthy 29/6 n



Alaq discusses with British delegation the fight against corruption and the reconstruction of Iraq


 Emaar Construction

Economy News Baghdad

Secretary General of the Council of Ministers Mahdi Al-Alaq discussed on Monday with a British political delegation a number of political, economic and security files.
“This morning, in his office in Baghdad, a British political delegation headed by Baroness Joyce St Johns met to discuss a number of important files,” a press statement to the Secretariat said.
The statement added that the two sides also discussed “the government’s efforts to combat corruption and control the slack in operating expenses, in conjunction with the decrease in the Oil prices in 2014 until 2016 “.
He reviewed the ”
The statement added that the British delegation included Scottish Conservative Party member Ross Thompson, Baron MacKenz of Kelwing, a politician in the Scottish Conservative Party, Baron Edward Volks, a member of the Conservative Party and Justice Minister of Britain (2013-2016), Baron Jeremy Borges of Tweed politician in the Liberal Democratic Party Scottish.

Urgent Finance launches 30% of contractors’ dues


Release date: 2018/4/16 18:17 • 106 times read
{Baghdad: Al-Furat News} The Ministry of Finance began to release thirty percent of the receivables of contractors’ bonds in implementation of the federal budget law.
Article 38 / III of the Financial Budget Law of 2018, stipulates that “the allocations of receivables of contractors that have not been funded in the fiscal year 2017 and are paid by bonds issued for this purpose.”

The popular crowd is killing seven people, including a senior leader in Kamen northeast of Diyala


Release Date: 2018/4/16 14:28 • 111 times read
(Baghdad: al-Furat News) Popular forces killed on Monday, a number of elements calling the terrorist, including a leader in the north-east of Diyala province.
The media of the popular crowd in a statement received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it today, “the intelligence of the 110th Brigade in the popular crowd ambushed a car carrying seven people and called for an explosive device and detonated as they passed in the area of ​​Imam Wes northeast of Diyala, Killing them all, including a senior leader. ”
“The intelligence of the crowd assured us that the operations are continuing until the last call is eliminated,” he said

URGENT Arrest of former director general of Rafidain Bank

Release date: 2018/4/16 14:11 • 43 times scheduled

[Ayna-Baghdad] The

Integrity Commission revealed that the Jordanian authorities arrested fugitive convicted Zia Habib Faris Al-Khayyun, former general manager of Rafidain Bank.

A statement issued by the agency said that “the recovery department in the body sent to the Jordanian judicial authorities four files for the recovery of the dead prisoners, and that it is required for the Iraqi judiciary under the provisions of articles [340, 331, 341] of the Iraqi Penal Code, He has been sentenced to three decisions for the courts of misdemeanors and criminal offenses totaling 12 years.

It is noteworthy that the Integrity Commission’s efforts culminated this year in the recovery of the number of convicted wanted Iraqi judges who have already occupied high positions in the country after 2003, including former trade minister Falah al-Sudani and former Secretary-General of the Ministry of Defense Ziad Tariq Qattan.


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