Dr. Barham Saleh, President of the Alliance of Democracy and Justice: It is time to join forces to end this situation

– 4/15/2018 5:01:00 AM

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Khandan –

Dr. Barham Salih, head of the coalition of democracy and justice, called in a speech to the masses of Kurdistan to end injustice, oppression and monopoly.

“The coalition of democracy and justice is not another traditional party, and the people have been suffering since 1964 from the scourge of division and division,” Dr Barham Saleh, head of the Alliance for Democracy and Justice, said Sunday in Arbil. “It is time for us all to unite. To end this situation. ”


Arab leaders thank Kuwait for hosting conference to rebuild Iraq

2018/04/15 09:22 PM
القادة العرب يوجهون الشكر للكويت لاستضافتها مؤتمر لإعمار العراق

(KUNA) – Arab leaders on Sunday thanked the State of Kuwait for hosting the Iraq Reconstruction Conference last February and expressed their wishes for Iraq’s return to security and prosperity in the scope of its Arab incubator. 
The leaders expressed their support for Iraq’s efforts to restore security and security to its territory and to achieve national reconciliation through a political process that achieves justice, equality and security and stability in the region. 
They reiterated that Iraq’s security, stability, territorial integrity and integrity are an important part of the Arab national security system as well as the efforts of the Iraqi army to eliminate terrorist gangs and valued its achievements in liberating Iraqi provinces and regions from terrorists. 
The statement, which included about 25 items, focused on topics related to political aspects, Arab national security, terrorism and joint action. 
The Palestinian issue topped the final statement: “We affirm the Arab leaders’ satisfaction with the importance of promoting joint Arab action based on a clear methodology and solid foundations that protect the Arab nation from the dangers that threaten it, safeguard security and stability and secure a bright and promising future that will bring hope and prosperity to future generations and contribute to restoring hope to our Arab peoples. Which suffered from the scourge of the Arab Spring and the subsequent events and transformations. “ 
He also said that the Arab nation has undergone dangerous detours due to the accelerating conditions and changes in the regional arena, interference in its internal affairs, destabilization of its security and control over its destiny, which requires union and solidarity to build a better tomorrow. 
In the final statement, the leaders expressed the hope that the Arab action will contribute to the realization of the hopes and aspirations of the Arab peoples and will neutralize the interference of foreign countries and parties in the affairs of the region and impose strange agendas that contradict the UN Charter and the rules of international law and human rights law and spread chaos, ignorance, exclusion and marginalization. 
They affirmed that the firm belief that the sons of the Arab nation who were inspired by the experiences of the past and who lived in the present are the best and most capable of looking forward to the future and building it firmly and resolutely.



pleased Barzani calls for the provision of supplies and financial rights to the Peshmerga forces

Masrur Barzani calls for the provision of supplies and financial rights to the Peshmerga forces
 Twilight News    
 one hour ago

The Kurdistan Region security adviser, Massoud Barzani, during a meeting with a US diplomatic delegation, on Sunday, provided the needs and supplies of Peshmerga forces and financial benefits.
Barzani, head of Iraq’s security coordination office at the US embassy in Baghdad, said Sunday that in order to reach peace and stability, some should accept each other and direct dialogue on all issues.
The statement said the meeting discussed the latest developments in the region and continued bilateral coordination in the fight against terrorism and the development of bilateral coordination.
Barzani stressed in this regard the coordination between the Peshmerga and coalition forces, declaring that according to the Constitution, the Peshmerga is a constitutional force and must provide all its military requirements and constitutional rights.
On the implementation of rights Barzani pointed out that the Kurdistan Region has carried out all its constitutional duties, stressing that in return must be implemented all the money of constitutional rights.
In another part of the meeting was discussed the mechanism of managing the disputed areas between Erbil and Baghdad and the implementation of Article 140 constitutional It was noted that the root solution to the problems can be reached to eliminate the ground for the return of violence in the region.
The statement pointed out that General Brittli reiterated the continued coordination between the Peshmerga and coalition forces, praising the role of the Peshmerga in defeating a terrorist called.
Talks about the elections and the state of rebuilding confidence among Iraqi factions were another focus of the meeting, according to the statement.


Deputy: delayed payment of the budget of 2018 protects them from exploitation for the purposes of election propaganda

19:33 – 15/04/2018


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The Finance Committee of the Parliament, the inability of officials and parties to use the funds of the budget for the year 2018 for the purposes of election propaganda, attributed to the end of the complex exchange procedures by the Ministry of Finance with the end of the campaign period.

“The government has so far not launched the financial allocations for the budget of 2018 for ministries and independent bodies and the ministries have reached the instructions for the budget only.”

He added that “the government procedures and administrative routine followed by the Ministry of Finance delaying the disbursements long,” noting that “delayed payment makes the budget is safe from exploitation by officials and parties for the purposes of election propaganda as it will start with the end of the period of election propaganda.”

He said that “the budget of 2018 mostly operational and the salaries of state employees, which makes the exploitation of the very weak.”


News of a car bomb explosion in Kirkuk

aljournal April 15, 2018


A car bomb targeted a convoy of candidates for elections in Kirkuk province, a security source said Sunday.

The source said that a car bomb exploded in the green area of Kirkuk province, targeting the convoy of a candidate of the Turkmen Front.

He said the blast killed a number of martyrs and wounded.


Launching trading on the shares of Al-Mansour Bank

Economy News Baghdad

The stock exchange on Sunday announced the launch of trading on the shares of Al-Mansour Bank after a suspension of days because of the meeting of the General Assembly.
The Stock Exchange said in a statement received by the “Economy News” that “trading was launched on the shares of Al-Mansour in a meeting on Sunday, after the decision of the General Assembly held in 2018/3/29 to approve the final accounts for 2017, and the approval of a dividend of 5% Of the company’s capital of (250) billion shares. ”


Commercial bank invites its shareholders to receive profits of 2015


Economy News Baghdad

The Commercial Bank on Sunday called for a contribution to review the bank’s headquarters to receive dividends in 2015 by 2.6%.
“The bank is calling on its shareholders to receive profits in 2015 and 2.6 percent of the bank’s capital,” the bourse said in a statement received by Al-Iktissad News. “The distribution starts on 18/2/2018 from 7 am to 12 noon.”
“The sukuk will only be handed over to its original owners or under a certified agency or through its brokerage company,” the statement said.