Security Council rejects a draft for Russia on the attack on Syria and “NATO” see the strikes

Twilight News

6 hours ago

The United Nations Security Council rejected a draft resolution drafted by Russia on Saturday to denounce the “aggression against the Syrian Arab Republic by the United States and its allies in violation of international law and the Charter of the United Nations.”

The draft resolution received only the support of Russia, China and Bolivia. Eight countries opposed it and four abstained. In order to pass a Security Council resolution, it must win the support of nine members without veto power from permanent members – Russia, China, France, Britain and the United States.

A NATO official said the United States, France and Britain would brief NATO envoys on Saturday on coordinated air strikes on Syrian government targets overnight.

The meeting, attended by 29 NATO envoys, is expected to begin at around 1300 GMT.

NATO did not take part in the strikes, but NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said on Saturday in a statement he supported the strikes.

“This will reduce the regime’s ability to carry out more attacks against the people using chemical weapons.”


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