URGENT The start of the propaganda campaign for the 2018 parliament elections


Release Date: 2018/4/14 0:00 • 34 times scheduled
(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) officially launched on Saturday, April 14, the media campaign of coalitions and political parties participating in the electoral process and candidates for the parliamentary elections scheduled for 12 May next.
The campaign ends according to the Electoral Commission 24 hours before the start of the polling day to allow candidates to announce their electoral programs and introduce themselves to the voters.
The Commission said in a statement on Thursday that it would “take legal measures to implement the penalties stipulated in the electoral law and implement the provisions of the electoral campaign system No. 11 of 2018 for those who violate the campaign controls in accordance with Article 22 of the said system.”
And called on all coalitions, parties and candidates to cooperate with the Electoral Commission and the commitment to apply the vocabulary and controls of the electoral campaign system.
The Electoral Commission has approved the lists of candidates of 7188 candidates.
The National Wisdom Stream will begin with a new policy called the Blue Wave followed by electoral campaigns that save the capital Baghdad and the rest of the provinces from distortion and random publication.
And for the first time since the first elections in Iraq after 2003, dare a political trend and risk not to publish his propaganda campaign in the streets of cities, including the capital Baghdad, in order to preserve the taste of the year.

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