Parliament of Kurdistan fails to amend the law on pensions and salaries and sets a date for meeting with the government

Kurdistan parliament fails to amend the law on pensions and salaries and sets a date for meeting with the government
 Twilight News    
 35 minutes ago

The Kurdistan Regional Parliament failed on Tuesday to agree on a formula to amend the provisions of the reform law on retirement and salaries and allowances.

And met the Presidency of the Parliament of Kurdistan, earlier in the day with the heads of parliamentary blocs and the legal and financial committees to discuss.

The head of the Kurdistan Islamic Union bloc Behzad Zebari said in a statement to reporters from the front of the parliament, that “we stressed during the meeting on the need to hold a legal meeting, and amend the paragraph on the privileges of high-ranking people, and the adoption of the law of uniform retirement Iraq,” saying that we did not reach Any result at today’s meeting. “

He added that “it was decided during the meeting that the financial and legal committees will be held on Monday of next week a meeting with the Kurdistan Regional Government on the amendment of the law,” noting that “the delay of its amendment adversely affects the employees and those who receive salaries from the Government of the Territory.”

The pension reform law consisted of 24 articles, and its amendment would provide 100 billion dinars to the government. According to this law, the minimum pension will be 300,000 dinars.

The parliament is due to set a date for voting on the bill after the meeting.

Lawmakers say the changes will be in the interests of the staff.

The draft reform of pensions, salaries and allowances of Kurdistan Regional Government employees was approved on February 27 and obtained the majority of the votes of parliamentarians, but was quickly rejected by the citizens. The parliamentary blocs raised a memorandum to the presidency of the parliament asking him not to sign it and return it to parliament again.

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