A delegation from the Security Council is visiting Baghdad. This is what he wants to get out of a message before the elections

Policy 2018/04/07 22:58 55 Editor: hr

Baghdad today – follow-up

A delegation of 15 representatives of the UN Security Council is scheduled to visit Baghdad for the first time, the Kurdish daily Radoudo reported Saturday.

“If we look at the date of the visit to Iraq, it comes before the date of the elections, since the message is clear that the UN Security Council supports the Iraqi elections project,” the network quoted the Dutch ambassador to the United Nations, Karl van Astrom.

“Although it has not succeeded in stopping the Syrian war, this council remains the strongest field for international resolutions, as this council made the Kurdistan Region a political and military reality 27 years ago when a no-fly zone was imposed north of the latitude Thirty-six “.

“It is not known whether the visit of representatives of the UN Security Council will also include the Kurdistan region.”

She pointed out that “the visit of the Security Council of Erbil will be distinguished in two capacities, namely: increase the legitimacy of the Kurdistan region internationally, and briefing the delegates and diplomats of the Security Council on the problems of the region.”

Iraq’s ambassador to the UN Security Council, according to the Kurdish network, hopes that “this visit, which was described as the mission, will lead to the declaration of a strong Iraq.”

“Although the details are not available, the visit of the UN Security Council to Iraq is a message to Iraq and the international community that this country is returning with all its strength to the international arena,” said Iraq’s ambassador to the UN, Mohammed Hussein Bahr al-Ulum.

The representative of Iraq did not forget the position of this Council, which rejected the referendum on the independence of the Kurdistan region and support the territorial integrity of Iraq, and Bahr al-Ulum that “our messages that we were directing to the world during the war against Dahesh was very clear, and the international community was supporting the unity of Iraq, To Iraq in the war against the Daash was a reason to reach positive results. ”

The network concluded by saying that “according to three diplomats in the UN Security Council, the preparations are underway in full swing for this visit, and the declared goal is to support the political project in Iraq after the war is urging.”



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