Government delegation from the Kurdistan Region to visit Baghdad


To discuss the problem of financial receivables of Erbil …

Government delegation from the Kurdistan Region to visit Baghdad

Is scheduled to go to a government delegation from the Kurdistan Region to Baghdad next week, to discuss the problem of financial receivables of the province of Erbil with Iraqi officials.

Revealed Nozad Adham, Director General of Trade in the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Kurdistan Regional Government, on Thursday, that the Iraqi government has not yet paid the dues of Erbil farmers for the years 2016 – 2017, amounting to 41 billion dinars, which had issued a decision previously issued.

He added «next Monday, a high-ranking delegation from the Kurdistan Region to Baghdad to discuss this problem».

He stressed that this financial problem adversely affect the living conditions and work of farmers.

The spokesman for the Ministry of Agriculture in the Iraqi government, Hamid Nayef, has said last month to (Basneoz), the Iraqi government decided to spend a large part of the dues of farmers in the Kurdistan Region.

Announced that a committee was formed to check the benefits of the farmers of Kurdistan for wheat, and it reached the final stage and decided to pay dues.

Modern technology is entering the financial sector

07/4/2018 12:00 am

With local application

Baghdad / Al-Sabah
The transfer of advanced technology represents an important step to activate the banking services, which represent the nerve of economic development sought by the country, which requires us to start where the world ended to keep pace with developments in the field of the financial sector.

A member of the Baghdad Economic Forum Jassem Al-Aradi stressed the need to “open up to successful regional and international experiences in the banking sector and work on transferring them to Iraq, which is directed towards a major development process in all productive and service sectors.” Big figures praised Aradi on the South Bank of the adoption of automating paper – based processes and vital characteristics of the system, he said: ” The availability of human resources helps greatly in the mastery of advanced systems needed by the international effort and local , which will adopt the construction and reconstruction process, as it requires banks have the capacity to deal with Big numbers “.

Iraq’s accession to the World Trade Organization enhances exports

07/4/2018 12:00 am

Will contribute to the arrival of our products to foreign consumer
Baghdad / Farah pumice
in international trade called for a specialist to coordinate efforts between the state institutions to contribute to the accession to the World Trade Organization, returned completion of this file , ” an Iraqi victory , ” a new will be added to what has been achieved in recent years.
This came a day after the Ministry of Commerce announced the convening of the 33rd meeting of the National Committee on the accession of Iraq to the World Trade Organization in the presence of members of the Committee representatives of Iraqi ministries and relevant bodies.
“The accession of Iraq to this organization will contribute to the export of Iraqi goods to international markets, that is, the national product will reach the consumer in all parts of the world,” said specialist Saad Fayyad.
The World Trade Organization (WTO), based in Geneva, Switzerland, has the primary task of ensuring smooth, smooth and free trade flows. It is the only international organization dealing with international trade law. It includes 164 member states and 20 observer countries. Iraq.
“The state institutions must work with one team to join the organization, and work in several files, the latest joining the marshes to the list of world heritage and lifting the ban on football stadiums of Iraq and others.”
“If the government joins the organization, it will achieve a new victory that will be added to what has been achieved in recent years,” he said. “There are good efforts in this regard, but it needs more moves at various levels.”
He added that “the organization will provide appropriate protection to the market to suit different levels of living and development, while creating an international competitive position of trade based on economic efficiency in the allocation of resources, in addition to the full employment of the resources of the world,” pointing out that “Iraq needs to gain more confidence from countries The world that began after the victory over terrorism Daashi. ”
The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Commerce for Economic Affairs Eng. Haitham Al-Khashali, who chaired the meeting on behalf of the Minister of Commerce and Chairman of the Committee, confirmed that “during the 33rd meeting of the National Committee on Iraq’s accession to the World Trade Organization held on Tuesday, To review the files in progress and completed files sent to the Secretariat of the World Trade Organization and approved by members of the National Committee.
“The results of the informal meeting held in Geneva last November between Iraq and the Chairman of the Working Group on Accession and the most important recommendations that resulted from it were also discussed,” he said, adding that ” National committees and their committees to attend meetings, conferences and sessions held by the Organization either in Geneva or in any other country because of the lack of financial allocations with the possibility of finding solutions to it.
For his part, the Director General of the Department of External Relations, Adel Khudair Abbas, Vice-Chairman of the National Committee on Iraq’s accession to the World Trade Organization WTO, a summary of the work of the National Committee on accession and the stage reached
by Iraq in the accession process and the challenges facing Iraq in this regard.
Abbas said that “the meeting also discussed the importance of increasing the negotiating experience of the Iraqi negotiating team and the new members of the National Committee and the committees emanating from it and not to change its members until the completion of its work on the basis of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers in this regard as well as discuss the proposal of the financial adviser to the Prime Minister on the establishment of a permanent office in the Ministry The Economic Department to take over the administration and follow up the issue of Iraq’s accession to the World Trade Organization instead of the Ministry of Commerce and to express the opinion of the members of the Committee in this regard, where the members of the Committee agreed on the need to keep the file in the Ministry of Commerce and the necessity Ml Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a coordinating with the Ministry of Commerce.

The crowd confirms the government’s move to increase the salaries of its employees and promises them as “positive things”

Editor Hassan Alaa – Friday 6 April
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The head of the popular crowd, Faleh al-Fayyad , the government’s move to increase the salaries of employees of the Commission, noting that the coming days will see “positive things” of the body.

“We are going to increase the salaries of the popular crowd and not to reduce them, through the equalization with the security ministries,” Fayyad said in an interview on state television reported by the popular crowd website, noting that “this is a fulfillment of these heroes, and the coming days will see positive and good things for the body.
Fayyad pointed out that “the general trend with the dedication of the popular crowd because it is essential with the rest of the formations, to be under the control of the state and outside the political calculations,” asserting that “limiting weapons is a goal we seek, not far.”

It is noteworthy that the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, Prime Minister Haider Abadi issued, on Thursday (March 8, 2018), a decree published by the deployment of the situation of the Popular Army fighters.

Abadi’s office announces the results of his recent visit to Japan


Friday, April 6,
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The news
office of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said on Friday the results of the visit to Japan,which lasted two days, noting that the visit witnessed the signing of many agreements to develop the Iraqi economy and the entry of Japanese companies in various investment sectors in Iraq .

“Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi concluded a successful visit to Japan, where he met with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, and participated in the Tokyo Conference to support the creation of jobs in Iraq, and headed the Iraqi delegation in the meeting,” said Saad al-Hadithi, a spokesman for the office. Official talks with the Japanese government. He also met with the chairmanship of the Japanese Foreign Trade Organization and met with the heads of five major Japanese companies working in the sectors of industry, energy, construction and construction.
Al-Hadithi added that the visit achieved fruitful results and resulted in many agreements to develop the Iraqi economy and the entry of Japanese companies in various investment sectors in Iraq. The two countries signed an agreement to complete the Greater Basrah water project and an agreement in the agriculture and irrigation sector.

“The Japanese Prime Minister decided in response to Abadi’s request to reduce the level of security risks related to the entry of Japanese in the Iraqi provinces to facilitate the expansion of the role of Japanese companies to invest in Iraq,” adding that “the visit resulted in the agreement to provide four fixed power stations in Basra, Dhi Qar and Maysan And Muthanna, in addition to 12 other mobile stations that enter service by summer and contribute to increase electricity production.

He continued, “It was agreed to increase Japanese investments in the oil sector to reach 4.5 billion dollars and the establishment of centers for the rehabilitation and development of Iraqi expertise in this area, and discussed the best ways to rehabilitate and expand the power station Hartha, and the mechanisms of gas investment associated with increasing the financial resources of Iraq, The possibility of establishing a factory to manufacture Japanese cars and provide after-sales services in Iraq. “

The Islamic Bank of the South is the first to implement the process of automation of paper processes and vital characteristics


(SABIC) announced today that it has selected 01 Systems to implement the bank’s digital transformation strategy.

An official source at the bank said: “01 Systems” will implement this strategy in several stages, starting with automating ATM services through the implementation of the system “digital coupon”, which allows the client to perform several operations such as the withdrawal and filing and transfer in the branches via a tablet easily and without the need to use Traditional paper vouchers or even assistant exchange officer .

Identify the customer

He added that the second phase comes from the process of digital transformation through the application of automated identification system to the client through the vital characteristics, and the importance of this system in that it allows the bank to identify the customer without the need for a personal identification card, pointing out that this by checking the vital characteristics The customer’s finger is made by means of special devices that allow the bank to verify the identity of the customer, which will solve the problem of fraud and accelerate the process of verification of the identity of the client.

Encrypt all data

He pointed out that the new system is characterized by high security level, where all data related to the process is encrypted through the electronic device used in addition to the encryption provided by the program , where the Bank of the South can benefit from these services in all branches, Quality Services in Iraq .

The South Bank of the Islamic Bank announced that “Safar One Systems” has signed an agreement with the Bank of the South to implement Business Process Management andelectronic archiving to manage and automate the operations of the South Bank Islamic Bank with the latest methods and the latest knowledge in this field. .,15700021,15700124,15700149,15700168,15700173,15700186,15700191,15700201&usg=ALkJrhidd84gNqQ2ntw8RjrqBaXSQWRJwQ

Zain Bank: Diversifying the products of Islamic banks supports sustainable development


The reality of the ethnic economy requires the development of work joints in the financial sector, which represents the main axis to support the process of economic development,” pointing out that “the need to adopt plans to achieve a variety of revenues from Through the Islamic banking products that have recently done in Iraq and have proved a great success in the world . 

Al-Alusi said that the first stages of the work should focus on creating human resources efficiently, as it is an important focus in the overall financial activities, through the involvement of specialized courses under the supervision of international financial expertise and this is what works on the bank, Zain Islamic Iraq, noting the need to pay attention to compliance and Money and risks in all banks . 

The banking system in Iraq expanded significantly after 2003 and now consists of 70 private sector exclusively with its traditional and Islamic banks.

Service Economy

She pointed to “the importance of the actual trend in the multiplicity of banking products, which are offered to customers to support all joints of the market productive and service, which represents the trend to benefit the national economy and support development.”

Al-Alusi stressed the need for Islamic banks to provide all financing and investment activities on a non-Islamic basis, which is to be implemented in accordance with the provisions of the Islamic Sharia by opening investment accounts with banks’ funds for those who wish to invest in all the requirements of Islamic shariah (Murabaha, Mudaraba, .,15700021,15700124,15700149,15700168,15700173,15700186,15700191,15700201&usg=ALkJrhie5mpeyGJjp5JDe8fJFhyf4UnYIg