Urgent in the document .. A new direction of finance for ministries related to salaries of employees

Date of release: 2018/4/3 21:33 • 36 times read

{Baghdad: Al-Furat News} The Ministry of Finance sent a special book to all ministries on the retirement of employees.

“According to the provisions of Article {27} of the Federal Budget Law of 2018, which includes the {deduction ratio} {3.8%} of the total salaries and allowances of all state employees, the public sector and all retirees are compensated and compensated The total amount of this percentage of the increase in the price of crude oil exported for January, February and subsequent months. ”

He pointed out that “the matter of stopping the deduction of the ratio referred to above and coordination with the Ministry of Finance Accounting Department for the purpose of recovering the amounts that were deducted for the period from 1-201-201 to 31-3-2018, which restricted the revenue of the secretariat and return to the beneficiaries.”


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