the General Pension Authority in Iraq announces the payment of salaries of retirees and return the amounts deducted

Twilight News

one hour ago

The National Pension Authority announced on Tuesday that in coordination with the Rafidain Bank and Al-Rashid and the Iraqi Bank for Trade Tbi and the International Company for smart card began to pay the salaries of retired citizens for the holiday of April 2018, noting that pensioners can holders of smart card Key Card and retirees manual exchange check exchange centers to receive their salaries .

The agency said in a statement today that the cancellation of the deduction of pensions of 3.8% under the budget law has been implemented and will be reinstated from the beginning of this year in the next pension meal.

The Authority pointed out that it will begin the completion of a campaign (a life certificate) for retirees where it is necessary to review the original pensioner who did not provide the certificate of life in February to receive a salary and will appear in the salary list is:

1_ (the card is opened after the fingerprint) for smart card holders who have an agent to receive the pension.

2_ The expression “Affirmation of the life of the original pensioner” will appear in the list of pensionable pension for smart card holders. The pensioner should review the National Pension Board or its branches in the governorates for the purpose of presenting a life certificate.


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