Infallible reveals an “undeclared” dialogue between Erbil and Baghdad and is afraid of repeating the scenario Afrin Sinjar

Twilight News

21 minutes ago

Iraqi President Fuad Masoum described relations between his country and Saudi Arabia as “excellent.” Stressing that relations between Baghdad and the Kurdistan region «returned normal, pointing to the existence of« quiet and undeclared dialogue »between the two sides.

He criticized the political conflicts in Iraq, pointing out their implications, and the tendency that the exchange of some parties with accusations of theft encourages reluctance to invest in the country.

“There is legislation that is necessary and the backbone of the affairs of the state, especially those referred to in the constitution, has not yet been ratified,” Masoum said in an interview published in London’s Al-Hayat newspaper. He explained that «in the absence of these laws that affect the lives of citizens, resort to the previous laws, and often in the application of a constitutional violation». He pointed out that «there are other laws, such as the law of the Council of the Union, which is the second chamber of the legislature and its powers to return bills passed to parliament in case of violation of the Constitution, has not yet agreed upon and postponed from cycle to another, such as the oil and gas law, . He revealed that “the draft proposed to be between the members of two scholars of Sharia and two specialists in the studies of democracy, to be the right to veto the decisions and veto, while others believe that they are experts, and it is still the subject of interactions.

“There are many countries that have provided assistance to Iraq to restore stability, especially to the displaced, and they must return to their areas. “We have received international humanitarian aid, but it is not the quantity and kind that solve the problem,” he said. “Twenty million dollars here and 15 million there.” He stressed the need to «there will be facilities to attract investment from abroad».

The Iraqi president mentioned reasons behind the reluctance of investors to enter the Iraqi market, including: «Some debates and political conflicts, such as accusations of theft and many of them without evidence, but the investor when reading these statements in the press and the media, especially when issued from a member of the House of Representatives Or a member of a provincial council or even a politician, will ask: Why do I involve myself? He stressed that the relations of the Kurds with the federal government, «returned normal and there is a quiet and undeclared dialogue. Delegations go there and others come here. Each of the two parties need the other, not the territory (Kurdistan) to dispense with the federal government does not dispense with the territory, both in one state and all interests interconnected ».

He added: «Baghdad sent money to the region to pay salaries of health and education staff, and this is a good step».

In response to a question about Turkey’s threats to invade the Iraqi town of Sinjar near the Syrian border under the pretext of chasing elements of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) against Ankara, he replied: “After the party’s departure, foreign forces can not come and invade part of Iraq.” He did not hide his concern about repeating the Afrin scenario, expressing the hope that «do not make such a move».


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