Documents / Mawazine News / published instructions for the implementation of the budget for 2018

Political Since 2018-04-03 at 23:21 (Baghdad time)

Baghdad – Mawazeen News

published / Mawazin News /, Tuesday, the financial budget guidance for the current year 2018, issued by the Ministry of Finance.

The instructions referred to the provisions of Articles 6 and 7 of the Law on the Salaries of State Employees and the Public Sector No. 22 of 2008 and any other special laws in force mentioned in paragraph (2) of Article (6) of the promotion conditions specified in the documents.

Paragraph (1) of the Instructions includes the terms and conditions of the promotion and promotion of employees distributed on 7 points indicating the conditions to be met.

The second paragraph includes the calculation of the press service and the conditions necessary for promotion and promotion. Paragraph (3) clarifies how to calculate the service of practicing the profession of law and the conditions related to the profession.

Paragraph (4) contains the calculation of the duration of the political separation of those who were issued the decisions of the Commission of Inquiry from the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and appointed permanent owners exclusively and the conditions necessary to provide and related studies.

Paragraph (vi) refers to the calculation of the duration of the contract spent by the employee during his contractual service in the ministries and entities not associated with the ministry or the governorate or the head of the provincial council and related thereto.

The eighth paragraph concerns the dispatch of all spending units to the promotion of their employees by their superior two months before the date of entitlement to the committee referred to in paragraph “II” after verification and support of the availability of the conditions referred to in paragraph ” First”.

(9) The formation of a committee headed by an employee whose job is not less than the assistant director general and two members whose functions are not less than that of a director concerned with the promotion of employees after verifying the availability of the conditions stipulated for the promotion stipulated by law and all amendments requiring amendment of the degree and job title referred to in paragraphs Above.

Paragraph (10) relates to the Committee’s consideration of the requests contained in paragraph (first to seventh) and in accordance with the above conditions and raising the recommendation to the competent minister or the head of the entity not affiliated with the Ministry or the Governor or the President of the Governorate Council according to its constituencies for the purpose of approving the recommendations Taking into account the conformity of the generalized job description with the legal department letter 30878 on 23/6/2010 associated with the approval of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers.

Finally, paragraph (eleventh) relates to the fundamental scrutiny of all orders that will be issued on the promotion or calculation of services for the above paragraphs and stop any matter contrary to the controls and instructions for promotion.

The following documents explain all the conditions and instructions issued by the Ministry of Finance on the implementation of the financial regulations for the current year 2018. End of 29/6

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