Abadi issued directives for the capital Baghdad

Twilight News

one hour ago

Shafak News / Prime Minister Haider Abadi on Saturday ordered a decree that includes several measures to speed up the national effort and provide basic service needs in the capital Baghdad and the provinces.

The Diwani order states that “on the basis of the requirements of the public interest and the implementation of the decision of the Council of Ministers No. (123) for the year 2018, which includes the formation of an operations room to follow up the basic service needs in the capital and governorates and to implement them, and to expedite the procedures of the national effort of various ministries and local governments, Basic services for citizens in all governorates and unifying the efforts exerted in this regard, we decided the following:

First: The engineering effort of the Ministry of Defense and Interior Ministries and the Popular Propagation Authority shall be under the command of the Prime Minister and the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. Their movements shall be exclusively through the Prime Minister’s Office.

Second: The provisions of item (1) of this order shall not apply to operations related to the military engineering effort of military and security operations, which shall remain within the approved contexts of the military and security authorities.

Third: The order shall be implemented as of the date of its issuance.




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