Baghdad Council: Transfer of 50% of the amount of petrodollars to the national effort


Editorial Date: 2018/3/30 15:28 • 107 times read
{Baghdad: Al Furat News} Voice of the Baghdad Provincial Council, during the special session attended by the governor of Baghdad to transfer 50 percent of petrodollar amounts to the national effort.
A statement by the Office of the Governor of Baghdad received the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it, “The governor and in a statement after the end of the meeting, he explained that the discussion was discussed conservation plan and examine the possibilities and resources that can provide to promote the reality of services in the outskirts of the capital.
The statement added, “During the meeting, a total vote of 50% of the amount of petro-dollar from the operational budget of the province to the national effort, which was formed in accordance with Resolution No. 96, which included the launch of special allocations for the Husseiniya and Diyala bridge area.”
He explained that “the Ministry of Finance was in need of the issuance of this resolution because there are no special allocations for the national effort, and was discussed allocations of the province and agree to launch 85% of the province and 15% of the Secretariat of Baghdad.
The governor pointed out that “the Ministry of Finance must deal seriously with this decision to be able to maintain the solution of service problems in the outskirts of the capital as soon as possible,” noting that “the effort of the province and its potential present and fully energized when the launch of financial allocations to move the wheel of reconstruction and the advancement of this important file.” is over


Financial Kurdistan announces the volume of revenues and expenses of the region


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(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) The Ministry of Finance and Economy in the Kurdistan Regional Government, it will begin from now on to publish details of all revenues and expenses in the region.
“The Ministry of Finance
will publish the details of all internal revenues and expenses, to be clear and clear to the Ministry of Finance , Everyone ”
He pointed out that” 100% transparency does not materialize, but the ministry is working effectively and from now on will be published details of revenues and expenses. “

Government of Kurdistan is a schedule for the salaries of its security services and Peshmerga different from the staff and employees


The Government of Kurdistan is preparing a schedule for the salaries of its security services and Peshmerga different from its employees and employees
 Twilight News    
 28 minutes ago

A new schedule will be published on the disbursement of salaries to the ministries of the Peshmerga and Interior Territory within the system recently approved by the Kurdistan Regional Government on compulsory savings.

The two ministries are scheduled to hold a meeting with the Ministry of Finance and Economy, to determine the mechanism to pay salaries to employees in the two ministries above, because the schedule of the security services in Kurdistan is different from the rest of the employees and employees of the Government of the Territory.

The decision of the Committee of the Interior and Security in the Kurdistan Regional Parliament Kader Rizki said in a press statement that a new system will be adopted for the Ministries of Interior and Peshmerga, and their schedule in preparation for coordination with the Ministry of Finance and Economy, noting that the table will be processed during the next week.