Kuwait unveils final agreement to import Iraqi gas

Date of release: 2018/3/29 22:53 • 225 times read
Kuwait’s oil, electricity and water minister, Bakheet al-Rashidi, confirmed on Thursday that his country is close to concluding a final deal with Iraq on the import of Iraqi gas.
“Kuwait and Iraq are very close to concluding a final agreement for the import of Iraqi gas,” Al-Rashidi said in a press statement. “There is a slight dispute between the two sides over prices.”
He added that “the final agreement will be concluded in April next to coincide with the expected visit of the Iraqi oil minister to Kuwait,” hoping that “there will be a final agreement on this subject during the next two months.”
“We are trying to have a sound basis for the agreement, but for details, there will be no problem,” he said.
On the meeting with the Iraqi side on the electric connection, the Kuwaiti Minister of Electricity, “Iraq is the gateway to Kuwait to Europe, so the GCC countries are talking with him to be an electrical link between us as a first point, and then with Turkey, “He said.
It is noteworthy that there is a preliminary agreement for the export of Iraqi gas to Kuwait to pay the remaining amounts of compensation of the war in Kuwait, which is estimated at more than 6 billion dollars, which is hoped to be completed in 2022.

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