Barzani Kubitsch discuss five files


Barzani and Kubic are looking into five files
 Twilight News    
 one hour ago

“The President of the Kurdistan Region, Najirvan Barzani, with the special envoy of the Secretary-General of the United Nations Jan Kubic during their meeting, on Thursday, the latest developments on the Kurdistan and Iraqi arenas, and stressed the need to continue serious dialogue between Erbil and Baghdad in order to solve the problems between them.
The head of the provincial government, Nechirvan Barzani, received on Thursday the special envoy of the Secretary-General of the United Nations Jan Kubic and his delegation.
The statement pointed out that Jan Kubic expressed during the meeting in the presence of Vice-President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Qubad Talabani, was pleased with the positive steps between Arbil and Baghdad, hoping for a more serious dialogue in order to address all the problems.
Kubic also expressed the readiness of the United Nations to provide any assistance in this direction, and gave an overview of his efforts to create a suitable ground for the Iraqi elections, indicating that the gathering of Iraqi political parties to sign a code of honor in order to conduct the elections successfully.
Kubic also presented a summary of the latest developments in the situation of the region and support relations between Arbil and Baghdad and the elections in the Kurdistan Region.
Barzani expressed his thanks for Kubic’s efforts in advancing relations between Erbil and Baghdad and his support for dialogue between the two sides, which resulted in solving a number of problems. He expressed his hope to hold more serious dialogues to solve the remaining problems.
The statement added that Barzani counted the participation of Kurdish political parties in the gathering of Iraqi political forces in support of the political process and the Iraqi elections.
The statement added that Barzani said in another section of his speech on the holding of the upcoming elections in the Kurdistan Region by its scheduled date.
On the displaced, Barzani pointed out that some of them have returned to their areas, but because of the lack of services and security are forced to return to the camps, stressing that the Iraqi government and with the assistance of the international community to take a position on this and find a suitable solution.


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