Government of Kurdistan to amend the system of saving salaries and mortgage in Baghdad

Government of Kurdistan adjusts the system of saving salaries and mortgage in Baghdad
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“The Kurdistan Regional Government announced the amendment of the system of saving employees according to a new system.
The Council of Ministers held a special session on the system of saving the salaries of employees, in conjunction with protests in this regard.
“In the event that Baghdad continues to send 317 billion and 540 million and 465 thousand Iraqi dinars to the region, the provincial government, in addition to oil revenues and internal revenues will be an amendment to the system of savings and in the interest of employees in the region.”
“The Ministry of Finance has been commissioned to prepare a new list of salaries in the coming days, for the Council of Ministers to discuss at its next meeting and take a final decision on the savings system.”
The statement added that ”
And organized training and government officials demonstrations in several cities in Kurdistan to protest against the austerity measures followed by the provincial government since 2016, especially pay salaries after a financial crisis hit the region in 2014 as a result of the collapse of oil prices and cut Baghdad salaries paid to employees of Kurdistan.
Abadi had recently announced that his government will begin before the holiday of Noruz holidays pay salaries of employees of the province of Kurdistan, the monthly withdrawn several years ago; because of differences between Baghdad and Erbil.
The issue of salaries of the region’s employees is one of the outstanding issues between the federal government and the Kurdistan Region.
The escalation of the crisis between Baghdad and Erbil after the conduct of the Kurdistan Region referendum self-determination last September, and the subsequent actions taken by the Iraqi government and neighboring countries against the region, including the closure of border crossings and the prevention of air traffic.
However, these files found a way to resolve in turn, the impact of several contacts and meetings between the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi and the Prime Minister of Kurdistan Nechirvan Barzani

Iraqi facts reveal the date of publication of the financial budget law for 2018


Political situation

Sunday 25 March 2018 01:59 PM

BAGHDAD / The director of the Iraqi fact sheet, Shatha al-Tai, said on Sunday that the Federal Budget Law of the country will be published this week, pointing out that the delay of publication was caused by not sending a letter from the presidency.

“We have prepared the federal budget law for the year 2018 and waiting for notice from the Presidency of the Republic invites us to publish the draft law,” Al-Taie told “Iraq News”, likely to “reach notification this week.”

“Article 73 of the Constitution, third article, pointed out that the injustice of the non-ratification of the President of the Republic, can be published after 15 days, but this matter is linked to the poetry of the Presidency of the Republic invites us to publish.”

“We have published previous laws that were not ratified by the president of the republic, as in the unified card law, which was published 15 days later,” she said.

It is noteworthy that the President of the Republic, Fuad Masoum, refused on (March 13), to approve the budget of 2018 and returned to the House of Representatives to review its content because of the existence of 31 violations of constitutional, financial and legal clauses, according to the presidential statement in this regard.

The House of Representatives voted, in its session held on Saturday (March 3, 2018) on the federal budget for the current fiscal year by boycotting the Kurdish deputies.

Teachers Demonstrate in Kurdistan for Slashed Salaries


Teachers Demonstrate in Kurdistan for Slashed Salaries

ERBIL — Hundreds of teachers in Erbil staged a demonstration on Sunday to protest government’s economic austerity which has affected their salaries.

Due to acute financial crisis, the Kurdistan Regional Government has implemented an austerity program that slashes public servants’ salaries by half.

Demonstrators call on the government to pay full salaries and without delay.

Elsewhere in Sulaymaniyah and Duhok, Kurdish teachers took to the streets for similar demands from the KRG.

US security company to protect Jordanian trucks destined for Iraq


25-03-2018 02:12 PM


Baghdad News –

A US security company will protect Jordanian trucks inside Iraq, the newspaper al-Arabi reported on Sunday, adding that it would cost the truck $ 170.

The newspaper quoted a security source as saying that ‘an American security company will protect the Jordanian trucks heading to Iraq, along the road leading to the capital Baghdad’, indicating that ‘Jordan and Iraq ended the security arrangements for the resumption of land traffic between the two countries.’

He added that it was agreed with the company to reduce the cost of protecting trucks to $ 170 instead of $ 300 per truck, in exchange for providing security protection along the road leading to Baghdad, ‘according to the same source.

The source said that ‘next week will address the Iraqi embassy in Amman to issue visas for two hundred Jordanian drivers and their trucks to enter Iraq for the purpose of transporting goods in both directions, and that the issuance of a number of other visas later,’ expected ‘return of road traffic between the two countries gradually during the coming period After the lifting of the ban on the movement of trucks, so that trade is not limited to the unloading of goods and exchange in the arena allocated for that on the border between the two countries.

Jordan recently allowed Jordanian trucks to enter Iraq, allowing Iraqi trucks loaded with goods to enter its territory directly and reload cargo.,15700023,15700105,15700124,15700149,15700168,15700173,15700186,15700201&usg=ALkJrhjqCNXRBX4RWt7vWd-24pWXMwopZA

Kurdish deputy announced the position of the Kurdish blocs to participate in the next parliament session

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Baghdad today _ special

The MP from the Kurdistan Alliance, Mohsen Saadoun, Sunday, the presence of Kurdish blocs in the session of the Council of Representatives to be held next Tuesday.

Saadoun said in an interview with Baghdad today that “despite the difficulty of achieving the quorum and the meeting called by the Presidency of Parliament next Tuesday, but we will attend the dome of the Council.”

“The agenda has not yet arrived, and we do not know the nature and importance of the laws that will be put on the table for passing in case the quorum is completed,” he said.

The House of Representatives announced on Saturday that it will hold its meeting next Tuesday.

The parliamentary chamber said in a statement received (Baghdad today), “The House of Representatives will hold next Tuesday its regular .”

“The session will include the completion of voting on the laws contained in the work schedules,” the department said.

The deputy speaker of parliament scheduled the regular session of the Council, which was scheduled to be held on March 15, to another notice because of the lack of quorum.

‏In the activities of friendship committees … Baghdad is witnessing the beginning of next month a visit to a delegation of Jordanian high

25-03-2018 01:30 PM


Baghdad News –

Baghdad is scheduled to witness the beginning of next April, a visit expected to a delegation of Jordanian high, as part of the activities of friendship committees between Iraq and Jordan.

“The Jordanian-Iraqi Friendship Committee, headed by Ahmad Pasha Al-Lozi, who was Jordan’s first ambassador to Iraq after 2003, will visit Baghdad early next month,” the head of the Foreign Relations Committee in the House of Representatives, Abdul Bari Zebari, said in a statement. Strengthening cooperation in various fields “.

Zebari added that Ambassador Montaser Oqla al-Zu’bi will present his credentials to the foreign minister in the next few days as an extraordinary ambassador, a Jordanian economic figure with high regard for his government. He was ambassador to Belgium and head of Jordan Investment Authority.

The Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Relations, “Baghdad has opened a new page of relations with all countries, in order to achieve the highest degrees of benefit from these relations in the field of investment and reconstruction.”


Officially: World Bank Announces Government Support for Iraqi Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of Damaged Bridges in Mosul

25-03-2018 01:33 PM


Baghdad News –

The World Bank announced on Sunday its support for the Iraqi government in rehabilitating and rebuilding damaged bridges in the city of Mosul as part of its plan to help Iraq in its ongoing efforts to rebuild and destroy basic services to its citizens.

“The Bank promotes confidence-building and encourages IDPs to return to the liberated areas of Nineveh, specifically to the city of Mosul. The World Bank has supported the rehabilitation of three main bridges in Mosul: the First Iron Bridge, the Mosul 4 Bridge and the Muthanna II Bridge, Under the $ 750 million emergency development project. ”

“The cooperation between the World Bank and the Ministry of Construction, Housing, Municipalities and Public Works to rehabilitate the three bridges is part of an expanded plan to rehabilitate 14 damaged bridges in the liberated areas ending in 2020. The agreement on choosing the three bridges was the result of consultations between the Government of Iraq, , The World Bank and the Reconstruction Fund for areas affected by terrorist attacks. ”

The statement pointed out that “more than one million Iraqi citizens will benefit from the restoration and rehabilitation of the three bridges in Mosul. As a result of the rehabilitation work, the people of Mosul will be able to reconnect between the city and other areas, Economic recovery and restoration of normal social life.

Demonstrations for doctors and closure of all hospitals in Sulaymaniyah

Date of release: 2018/3/25 10:24

(Baghdad: al-Furat News) The demonstrations of teachers and health workers began on Sunday in the city of Sulaymaniyah, in protest against the system of government savings of salaries.

Demonstrated health staff and doctors will be more broadly in front of an emergency city hospital , “he said . ” All hospitals in Sulaimaniya , boycotted the official working hours except Shoresh hospital. ”

Cutting demonstrators on the link road between Sulaymaniyah and spend Sayed Sadiq, while continuing demonstrations.

As demonstrated Notary Sulaimaniyah Department staff to condemn system of government savings for salaries , and they do not charge a monthly Bmed constant. It

also was launched shortly before a demonstration of teachers in the city of Rania, demanding the provincial government to improve the living conditions of teachers and staff.

the electricity department in Sulaimaniya staff it protested to condemn the savings Rawat system .anthy

Barzani meets with the Supreme Council of Oil and Gas to review the system of savings

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3 hours ago

News / meets in the city of Erbil, on Sunday, the Supreme Council of Oil and Gas in the Kurdistan region, headed by the President of the Government of the Territory, Nechirvan Barzani, to review the system of savings in the salaries of the staff of the region.

A government source said the meeting was to include Kurdistan Region Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani, Deputy Prime Minister Qubad Talabani, Finance and Economy Minister Rizaz Halaman, Natural Resources Minister Ashti Hawrami, Planning Minister Ali al-Sindi and Cabinet Secretary Amang Rahim.

He said that the meeting is a consultant to determine the size of the financial revenues of the Kurdistan Region, and to know what steps can be taken and changes in the system of savings in the distribution of salaries of employees.

The meeting of the Supreme Council of Oil and Gas in the Kurdistan region following the widening circle of protests teachers, doctors and health staff, who boycotted work in a number of cities and staged protests.



Infallible endorses the law of the Iraqi National Oil Company

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Shafaq News / The Information Office of the Presidency of the Republic, announced on Sunday that Fuad Masoum Sadiq today ratified the law of the Iraqi National Oil Company.

The Office explained in a statement to the News Agency that this law, which was voted by the House of Representatives earlier, based on the provisions of item (I) of Article (61) and Article (III) of Article (73) of the Constitution, The oil resources in the fields and land allocated to them under the law on behalf of the Iraqi state and to increase production and development of oil and gas industry and related facilities and facilities and working methods on the basis of efficiency, flexibility and competitiveness to maximize revenues for the benefit of the Iraqi people.

He added that it came in accordance with internationally recognized standards, which requires the formation of the Iraqi National Oil Company as a public company wholly owned by the state and reflect the concept of ownership of the people of oil and gas and the development of specialized formations within the organizational structure commensurate with its role in the management and development of oil and gas fields produced and discovered to promote the oil and gas industry and develop various Other energy sectors in Iraq.

The statement pointed out that this law was sent for publication in the Official Gazette.