Change: Erbil demonstrations aimed at overthrowing the dictatorial government and Baghdad intervention



Information / Special …

The leader of the Change Bloc Saber Ismail, Sunday, that the protesters of Arbil had the intention today to overthrow the “dictatorship government” in Kurdistan storming the headquarters of the presidency, calling Baghdad to intervene urgently and to instruct the region to cancel the system of salaries saved as a corrupt system.

Ismail said the “demonstrations today in Arbil exceptional and angry and very strong because of injustice and the rule of dictatorship, which took control of the Kurdish scene in the government of the region.”

“The demonstrators had intended to enter the presidential headquarters to overthrow the government, but they were unable because of the large number of weapons of Barzani forces,” he said, adding that “these forces dispersed and dispersed the demonstrations with the force of arms and sound bombs.”

Ismail said that “the bombs and bullets fired, wounding a number of demonstrators were taken to hospitals,” calling for “urgent international intervention.”

Ismail called on Baghdad to “intervene urgently and instruct the region to abolish the system of salaries saved as a corrupt system.”

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan called on Sunday to open an urgent investigation by targeting the demonstrators in Erbil, demanding their rights, noting that the financial system in the provincial government needs to re-examine quickly and urgently to return the salaries of employees.

The province of Arbil, on Sunday, the injury of dozens of demonstrators from teachers and teaching staff as a result of the firing of live bullets and tear gas to disperse a demonstration demanding their salaries.

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