Special training courses for Zain Islamic Bank for Investment and Finance


 Within the plan to develop the bank of Zain Islamic Iraq comprehensive to develop its services and the introduction of modern systems according to the standards of the Central Bank of Iraq, a wide selection of employees of the Bank participated in various external and internal courses.

Topics included corporate governance, banking awareness and public protection, the inbound and outbound bank remittance cycle, and the credit information exchange session held at the Central Bank of Iraq Studies and Research Department.

The external participants were in the anti-money laundering program, the US tax compliance law, electronic banking transactions, and the law against bank information security crimes organized by the Central Bank of Iraq and located in Jordan.

The bank confirmed the continuation of courses for employees on the bank’s comprehensive banking system in Lebanon for the purpose of upgrading the level of working cadres and keeping pace with the banking development in accordance with high quality standards.

He added that under the terms of the agreement of the Bank of Zain Islamic Iraq for investment and finance with IQDC consulting for the international quality system ISO (ISO 9001: 2015) to obtain the international quality certificate ISO has been completed the second cycle of the ISO certification cycle (building documents and documents and design quality system in accordance with the standard ISO10013 ).



Sadr’s policy is concerned about “fraud” in the elections and calls for international supervision


Sadr is concerned about "fraud" in the elections and calls for international supervision
 Twilight News    
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The leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr on Saturday expressed concern about the possibility of “fraud” in the legislative elections scheduled for next May, calling for the need for international supervision to avoid those fears.

This came in a tweet on the site of “Twitter” read below:

Dawa Party expressed surprise: a revelation from heaven re-relationship between Baghdad and Erbil!

Policy  2018/03/24 17:28  732

Baghdad today – Baghdad

The Islamic Dawa Party, on Saturday, expressed its surprise at the return of “good and good” relations between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government, wondering whether he had been removed from heaven and restored the relationship.

The leader of the party behind Abdul Samad, in an interview with (Baghdad today): “We are surprised that there is a good relationship between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government, a few days ago, the Kurds boycotted the budget meetings to protest, and then most of the Kurdish deputies demanded a boycott of the political process.

He added: “I wish the Kurdish deputies, who called for the boycott of the political process, to abide by what they called him, and as long as the interest, so why return again.”

“The relationship now between Baghdad and Erbil is good, and this is something surprising for us, and we do not know the reason,” said Abdul Samad. “Is there a new revelation coming from heaven to restore this relationship between the two sides?”

Tensions between Baghdad and Erbil after the Kurdistan region to hold a referendum on 25 September last 2017, on the separation of the territory from Iraq, prompting the federal government to take a hard stance towards the authorities there, including suspension of flights at Erbil and Sulaymaniyah airports and demanding the delivery of border crossings to the center. On the extension of federal authority in disputed areas.

Baghdad and Kurdistan reached a formula to resolve the outstanding differences since the deterioration of relations between them, following the referendum of secession of the region, where the Prime Minister Haider Abadi and Najirvan Barzani, during a number of meetings, on a number of issues, notably the approval of the region to hand over its oil to the Iraqi Oil Marketing Company ) In exchange for the salaries of staff of the region by the Center.

The Prime Minister Haider Abadi announced in (13 March 2018), the reopening of airports Erbil and Sulaymaniyah for international flights after the response of local authorities in the Kurdistan region to restore the federal authority to the two airports mentioned.

The Federal Ministry of Finance, earlier on Monday (March 19, 2018), launched the salaries of all employees of the Kurdistan region, including salaries of the Peshmerga forces, while confirmed the continuation of the audit, to ensure that salaries reach the beneficiaries.


Kurdistan Alliance rule out the completion of the quorum in the next parliament session


Political situation

Saturday 24 March 2018 04:35 pm
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Baghdad / .. The Kurdistan Alliance ruled out, Saturday, the completion of the quorum of the House of Representatives in the meeting to be held mid-week.

“It is difficult to complete the quorum of the House of Representatives in the pre-final session, which is scheduled to be held mid-week,” said Arafat’s deputy, Arafat Karam.

Karam added that “most of the members of the House of Representatives have concerns in the election propaganda and the majority are absent in the past sessions,” explaining that “it is difficult to pass and legislation in the House of Representatives in the last days.”

The House of Representatives announced on Saturday the date of next Tuesday’s date for the next session, while noting that it will include the completion of voting on the laws. Finished



The Iraqi Interior Ministry granted work permits to Israeli security companies


Knozmedia – Amen

The newspaper “New Arab”, the presence of 100 private foreign security companies operating in Iraq officially after obtaining licenses from the Ministry of the Interior, noting that among those companies about 10 Israeli companies.


“The foreign security companies currently operating in Iraq number about 100 companies and are working officially after obtaining a work permit from the ministry,” the newspaper quoted a police officer as saying, quoting an officer who said he was “close to Interior Minister Qassem al-Araji.”


The officer added that “the existing companies do not resemble Blackwater, and the promoter of this matter is more important, its functions do not exceed the protection of some of the facilities and banks and the transfer of important personalities and accompanying the precious goods and the support of some government figures.”


The law stipulates that companies should not use hand grenades and only medium-sized portable weapons, such as PKC, and prohibit the use of anti-tank weapons.


According to the report, the Israeli newspaper “Maariv” published a report, noting that “more than 10 Israeli security companies, private and government, has intensified in recent years its work in several Arab and Islamic countries, including Iraq, and some of these countries do not have official relations with Tel Aviv , And these companies provide private escorts for political figures, businessmen and others in them. “


Oil is rising … and Brent is above $ 70


– Oil prices closed sharply higher to hit their highest levels since late January, as Brent crude was above $ 70, driven by Saudi energy minister’s comments.

“It requires OPEC members to continue to coordinate with Russia and other non-OPEC producers in terms of supply restraints in 2019 to reduce global oil stocks,” Saudi Energy Minister Khalid al-Falih said.

Brent crude futures closed at $ 1.45, or 2.10%, to settle at $ 70.36 a barrel, while US LME futures closed at $ 65.81 a barrel, up $ 1.51 or 2.35%.

The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and OPEC agreed in 2017 to reduce oil production by one million and 800 thousand barrels per day due to the large supply of crude oil at the time. (End)


Aboul Gheit calls on African and Arab economists to contribute to the reconstruction of Iraq


Political situation

Saturday 24 March 2018 03:10 pm

The Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, on Saturday called for concerted efforts among economic actors in Africa and the Arab world to exchange experiences and successful experiences and contribute to the reconstruction of Iraq.

“It is important to focus on the role that the investment sector plays in supporting the role of the investment sector,” Aboul Gheit said in a speech delivered on his behalf by Nada Al-Ajizi, Director of the Department of Sustainable Development and International Cooperation of the Arab League. Aspirations of the Iraqi people on the reconstruction of their homeland after the terrible defeat inflicted on terrorist groups. “

He added that “the presence of many officials on the file of investment in Iraq and their participation in the conference is an opportunity to identify the facilities and privileges offered by the Republic of Iraq to Arab and African investors in this context.”

Aboul Gheit pointed out that “the importance of the conference comes at a very important time and discusses the dimensions of intra-African trade and the Arab world,” stressing that “international trade is the locomotive of the economic growth of countries in general, but our countries are among the least entities contributing to world trade because the majority Exports from Arab and African countries are natural resources and commodities without the introduction of a process of productivity adds value to the final product.

He called on Arab and African investors to “support the small and medium industries to contribute to increasing the return on the volume of exports and national income, which will contribute to creating new jobs that will contribute to the fight against terrorism.”

Aboul Gheit pointed out that “the themes of this conference include all the axes of development starting with economic development and promoting sustainable growth, the importance of involving the private sector in implementing the goals of sustainable development and enhancing its position as a strategic partner, ending the role of regional economic blocs in supporting the implementation of the goals of sustainable development.” Axes will contribute to the design of the features of cooperation between economic actors in the countries of the two regions. “



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