doctors give the government of the province 72 hours to implement their demands

Kurdistan doctors give the government of the province 72 hours to implement their demands
 Twilight News    
 29 minutes ago

The Union of Doctors of the Kurdistan Region on Saturday gave the territorial government three days to implement its demands to pay full salaries and without saving part of them.

“Doctors continue to provide health services to the people of Kurdistan,” a union spokesman told a news conference in Sulaymaniyah late Saturday.

He added that doctors have become victims of the system adopted by Erbil and Baghdad, expressing the condemnation of the union to continue to sustain the system.

The spokesman added that “during the next 72 hours call on the Kurdistan Regional Government to pay salaries in full without the adoption of that system and in the absence of response, the doctors will have a different position.”

The doctors of the province of Sulaymaniyah on Monday a memorandum to the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region, Najirvan Talabani, and his deputy Kebad Talabani, and the Ministry of Finance and Economy in the Government of the Territory and the public opinion, and the media channels announced the boycott of the official.

The medical staff in the province of Halabja in the Kurdistan region on Tuesday to boycott the official time to protest the continuation of the system of compulsory saving of salaries, despite the disbursement by the federal government in Baghdad.

The Minister of Health in the Kurdistan Regional Government Rikut Hama Rashid announced on Tuesday that the Council of Ministers of the region will review the system of saving salaries for staff and employees after the holidays Noruz holidays.


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