Abadi offers concessions to the Kurds for the second term

Baghdad – Journal News
It seems that the division within the Kurdish house directly affected the relationship of Arbil in Baghdad, where there are Kurdish blocs, supported the measures taken by Baghdad towards the region, including change and the Islamic Group while the other blocs opposed and stood against these decisions, including the Kurdistan Democratic Party led by Massoud Barzani.

The Iraqi parliament voted in the thirteenth of October last year to stop financial transactions with the Kurdistan region in response to the referendum of secession carried out by the authorities on September 25 of the same year, and the Iraqi Central Bank said then that it will stop selling dollars to the four major Kurdish banks and will stop All remittances in foreign currency to the region, as demanded by foreign and Arab banks working in the region to stop its work.

Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi said on Monday, October 16, 2017, security forces in the province of Kirkuk, in cooperation with the sons of the province and Peshmerga, came after armed clashes broke out in the industrial district of the province, between the Peshmerga and Iraqi forces.

Political sources revealed a secret agreement between Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and the Kurdish blocs to lift the ban on Erbil and Sulaymaniyah airports and to pay the salaries of the regional employees in exchange for Kurdish support for a second term.

The sources said that “mutual visits between officials in the federal government and the provincial government in the recent period resulted in agreements between Baghdad and Erbil, including the lifting of the embargo on the airports of Arbil and Sulaymaniyah and the survival of Kurdish forces at the border crossings and the disbursement of salaries of staff of the region.”

“The Kurdish delegation asked Abadi to increase the share of the province in the federal budget as well as the return of the Peshmerga forces gradually to Kirkuk in exchange for support the second mandate.”

Prospects are expected to stand Massoud Barzani against Abbadi when the nomination of the latter for a second term after the positions of the Iraqi government, which caused Barzani a lot and there is talk about his rapprochement with Maliki Nkaya Abadi.

The sources said that “Barzani lost the Kurdish initiative after the divisions that emerged for the public and became clear in the Kurdish representation in Baghdad as it is in the Iraqi territory, and this makes a clear change in the policy of the province to the federal government.”
Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi decided earlier to lift the air embargo on international flights from the airports of Kurdistan and reopen the airports of Erbil and Sulaymaniyah and submit them to the Ministry of the Interior.

The Iraqi government banned international flights at Erbil and Sulaymaniyah airports in a punitive move that came in response to a referendum held by the Kurdistan region in September and won overwhelming support for independence.
The head of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Nechirvan Barzani, visited Baghdad two days ago and met with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi.

There is a history of years of differences between the two sides, especially those related to energy portfolios, the financial budget and the disputed territories, as well as other contentious issues.
It is noteworthy that the leader of the stream of wisdom Ammar al-Hakim had called earlier Abadi to make concessions to the Kurds for the benefit of Iraq.

Hakim said during his meeting with Abadi that “the crisis can not be resolved only by constructive dialogue within the Constitution and the law in force, pointing to the importance of the concession to Iraq and to serve the Iraqi citizen wherever he was.”
While the MP for the mass change Masoud Haider, revealed details of the agreement between the Kurdistan Regional Government and Prime Minister Haider Abadi on the share of Kurds in the budget.

Haidar said that “during the meetings held by Prime Minister Haider Abadi with the Kurdistan Alliance blocs, it was agreed to form a committee to discuss the demands of the Kurds budget, which we believe is necessary to continue the political process and ensure the rights of components.”
He added that “one of the things that was put in the files is the need for the region to 10 trillion dinars within the budget to cover his needs to pay salaries and other things.”

The Prime Minister Haider Abadi held meetings with the Kurdistan Alliance blocs and petrodollar provinces, in order to discuss the details of the budget and the demands that can be included in them.



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