Kurdistan is looking for relations with Baghdad and oil exports and salaries of employees

Political From 2018-03-24 at 20:15 (Baghdad time)

Special – Mawazine News

A source in the Kurdish early on Saturday, the intention of the Council of Ministers in the Kurdistan region to hold an extraordinary session on Monday, noting that the meeting will discuss relations with Baghdad and end the system of saving salaries for the staff of the region.

The source told Mawazine News that “the Council of Ministers in the Kurdistan region will hold an extraordinary session on Monday.”

The source, who preferred not to disclose his name, that “the Council is considering the application of the system of savings in the salaries of regional employees as well as reopening airports for international flights, and relations with the federal government, the sale of oil in the region.

The Ministry of Finance and Economy in the Kurdistan Regional Government announced last week, for the continued disbursement of salaries of the region’s employees according to the savings system, while noting that the Council of Ministers will hold a meeting after the feast of Nooruz to discuss the abolition of the savings system.



Kurdistan Regional Government announces the distribution of salaries for November 2017


24/03/2018 – 21:24

News / Kurdistan

The Ministry of Finance in the Kurdistan Regional Government, on Saturday, the schedule of distribution of salaries of staff for the region for the month of November.

According to the statement, the salaries will be distributed as follows:

First Sunday, 25 March 2018:

1 Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

2 Ministry of Justice

3 Judicial Council

4 The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

5 Social allowances

6 The Ministry of Planning

7 Ministry of Natural Resources

8 Ministry of transportation

9 The Ministry of Construction and Housing

10 Ministry of Industry and Trade

11 Security Council

II. Monday 26.3.2018:

1 The Ministry of Electricity

2 Mine Action Foundation

3 Office of Financial Supervision

4 Human Rights Commission

5 Management of areas outside the administration of the region

6 Environment Agency

7 Investment Authority

8 Integrity Commission

9 Election and Referendum Commission

10 Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources

11 Ministry of Culture and Youth

12 The Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs

13 Security Foundation

14 Presidency of the Territory

15 Presidency of Parliament

16 Council of Ministers

III. Tuesday 27.3.2018:

1 Command of Zirvani and Peshmerga Defense and Emergency

2 The Oil Brigade

Fourth: Wednesday, March 28,

Units 70 and 80 (Peshmerga forces).

V. Thursday, 29 March 2018:

Diwan and brigades Ministry of Peshmerga.


Ministry of Finance of Kurdistan announces a schedule for the distribution of salaries

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49 minutes ago

The Ministry of Finance and Economy in the Kurdistan Regional Government announced on Saturday the distribution of salaries for the month of November 2017 to all ministries and government bodies.

The Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Welfare, Ministry of Planning, Ministry of Natural Resources, Ministry of Transport and Communications, Ministry of Construction and Housing, Ministry of Industry and Trade and Security Council, the ministry said in a statement.

The statement added that the second phase will start on Monday, including the Ministry of Electricity, the Landmine and Diazan financial supervision, the Human Rights and Non-Regional Organizations, the Environment Agency, the Investment Authority, the Integrity Commission, the Elections and Referendum Commission, the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs, The Kurdistan Parliament and the Council of Ministers.

According to the statement, the third phase, which begins next Tuesday, includes the leadership of Zirvani and Peshmerga defense and emergency and the oil brigade. , Noting that the fourth phase begins on Wednesday and allocated to distribute the salaries of the seventy-eight units of the Peshmerga forces.

The statement concluded by saying that the fifth phase will begin on Thursday and allocated to distribute the salaries of the Diwan and the Ministry of Peshmerga, adding that it ends the distribution of salaries for the month of November last year 2017.



Abadi offers concessions to the Kurds for the second term

Baghdad – Journal News
It seems that the division within the Kurdish house directly affected the relationship of Arbil in Baghdad, where there are Kurdish blocs, supported the measures taken by Baghdad towards the region, including change and the Islamic Group while the other blocs opposed and stood against these decisions, including the Kurdistan Democratic Party led by Massoud Barzani.

The Iraqi parliament voted in the thirteenth of October last year to stop financial transactions with the Kurdistan region in response to the referendum of secession carried out by the authorities on September 25 of the same year, and the Iraqi Central Bank said then that it will stop selling dollars to the four major Kurdish banks and will stop All remittances in foreign currency to the region, as demanded by foreign and Arab banks working in the region to stop its work.

Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi said on Monday, October 16, 2017, security forces in the province of Kirkuk, in cooperation with the sons of the province and Peshmerga, came after armed clashes broke out in the industrial district of the province, between the Peshmerga and Iraqi forces.

Political sources revealed a secret agreement between Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and the Kurdish blocs to lift the ban on Erbil and Sulaymaniyah airports and to pay the salaries of the regional employees in exchange for Kurdish support for a second term.

The sources said that “mutual visits between officials in the federal government and the provincial government in the recent period resulted in agreements between Baghdad and Erbil, including the lifting of the embargo on the airports of Arbil and Sulaymaniyah and the survival of Kurdish forces at the border crossings and the disbursement of salaries of staff of the region.”

“The Kurdish delegation asked Abadi to increase the share of the province in the federal budget as well as the return of the Peshmerga forces gradually to Kirkuk in exchange for support the second mandate.”

Prospects are expected to stand Massoud Barzani against Abbadi when the nomination of the latter for a second term after the positions of the Iraqi government, which caused Barzani a lot and there is talk about his rapprochement with Maliki Nkaya Abadi.

The sources said that “Barzani lost the Kurdish initiative after the divisions that emerged for the public and became clear in the Kurdish representation in Baghdad as it is in the Iraqi territory, and this makes a clear change in the policy of the province to the federal government.”
Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi decided earlier to lift the air embargo on international flights from the airports of Kurdistan and reopen the airports of Erbil and Sulaymaniyah and submit them to the Ministry of the Interior.

The Iraqi government banned international flights at Erbil and Sulaymaniyah airports in a punitive move that came in response to a referendum held by the Kurdistan region in September and won overwhelming support for independence.
The head of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Nechirvan Barzani, visited Baghdad two days ago and met with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi.

There is a history of years of differences between the two sides, especially those related to energy portfolios, the financial budget and the disputed territories, as well as other contentious issues.
It is noteworthy that the leader of the stream of wisdom Ammar al-Hakim had called earlier Abadi to make concessions to the Kurds for the benefit of Iraq.

Hakim said during his meeting with Abadi that “the crisis can not be resolved only by constructive dialogue within the Constitution and the law in force, pointing to the importance of the concession to Iraq and to serve the Iraqi citizen wherever he was.”
While the MP for the mass change Masoud Haider, revealed details of the agreement between the Kurdistan Regional Government and Prime Minister Haider Abadi on the share of Kurds in the budget.

Haidar said that “during the meetings held by Prime Minister Haider Abadi with the Kurdistan Alliance blocs, it was agreed to form a committee to discuss the demands of the Kurds budget, which we believe is necessary to continue the political process and ensure the rights of components.”
He added that “one of the things that was put in the files is the need for the region to 10 trillion dinars within the budget to cover his needs to pay salaries and other things.”

The Prime Minister Haider Abadi held meetings with the Kurdistan Alliance blocs and petrodollar provinces, in order to discuss the details of the budget and the demands that can be included in them.


doctors give the government of the province 72 hours to implement their demands

Kurdistan doctors give the government of the province 72 hours to implement their demands
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 29 minutes ago

The Union of Doctors of the Kurdistan Region on Saturday gave the territorial government three days to implement its demands to pay full salaries and without saving part of them.

“Doctors continue to provide health services to the people of Kurdistan,” a union spokesman told a news conference in Sulaymaniyah late Saturday.

He added that doctors have become victims of the system adopted by Erbil and Baghdad, expressing the condemnation of the union to continue to sustain the system.

The spokesman added that “during the next 72 hours call on the Kurdistan Regional Government to pay salaries in full without the adoption of that system and in the absence of response, the doctors will have a different position.”

The doctors of the province of Sulaymaniyah on Monday a memorandum to the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region, Najirvan Talabani, and his deputy Kebad Talabani, and the Ministry of Finance and Economy in the Government of the Territory and the public opinion, and the media channels announced the boycott of the official.

The medical staff in the province of Halabja in the Kurdistan region on Tuesday to boycott the official time to protest the continuation of the system of compulsory saving of salaries, despite the disbursement by the federal government in Baghdad.

The Minister of Health in the Kurdistan Regional Government Rikut Hama Rashid announced on Tuesday that the Council of Ministers of the region will review the system of saving salaries for staff and employees after the holidays Noruz holidays.

Parliamentary security reveals the arrival of NATO forces to Iraq


Information / Special …

A member of the Committee on Security and Defense Parliamentary Imad Jokna, on Saturday, the arrival of NATO forces to Iraqi territory, while noting that its presence comes under the pretext of training security forces.

“The central government has formally called on NATO to send its forces to Iraqi territory for the purpose of training the security forces and providing military advice,” Yokhna told Xinhua.

He added that the NATO-NATO team arrived in Baghdad a week ago and began his presence in the field to train security forces inside military colleges and some US bases and in accordance with the agreement with the Iraqi government, noting that “the agreement did not specify the length of time that will remain the NATO forces in Iraq.”

The leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr promised on Saturday to train the so-called “coalition forces” for members of the Internal Security Forces as a forbidden and forbidden, calling for the acquisition of legitimate permission.

It is noteworthy that the security forces and after the war with the elements advocating terrorist gained the experience of street war and the speed of military planning and accuracy in the implementation of military operations, while some security leaders considered the presence of foreign forces for the purpose of training unnecessarily, being waste of money and disregard for military leadership as a result of the lessons learned in practical War with a criminal advocate


Industry and Minerals: 2500 employees in Diyala need to secure their salaries


Local News

Saturday 24 March 2018 7:45 pm

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Diyala Electric Industries, one of the companies of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, on Saturday revealed the presence of 2500 employees in the company in need of securing their salaries by the government.

The company’s administrative assistant Maher Daini told “Iraq News” that “the company is suffering from lack of interest by the government,” noting that “the company has the ability to equip all provinces with generators, but the government and the Ministry of Electricity resort to import from abroad instead of encouraging Local product “.

Daini added that “the company has 2500 employees they need to secure their salaries by the government,” noting that “Diyala for electrical industries equipped 1500 generators of the liberated areas and through the contract with the fund reconstruction of Iraq.”

He pointed out that “the Ministry of Industry and Minerals invites government institutions from the Ministry of Electricity and Education to buy electrical products from the company of Diyala for electrical industries rather than buying from abroad.” Finished


Special training courses for Zain Islamic Bank for Investment and Finance


 Within the plan to develop the bank of Zain Islamic Iraq comprehensive to develop its services and the introduction of modern systems according to the standards of the Central Bank of Iraq, a wide selection of employees of the Bank participated in various external and internal courses.

Topics included corporate governance, banking awareness and public protection, the inbound and outbound bank remittance cycle, and the credit information exchange session held at the Central Bank of Iraq Studies and Research Department.

The external participants were in the anti-money laundering program, the US tax compliance law, electronic banking transactions, and the law against bank information security crimes organized by the Central Bank of Iraq and located in Jordan.

The bank confirmed the continuation of courses for employees on the bank’s comprehensive banking system in Lebanon for the purpose of upgrading the level of working cadres and keeping pace with the banking development in accordance with high quality standards.

He added that under the terms of the agreement of the Bank of Zain Islamic Iraq for investment and finance with IQDC consulting for the international quality system ISO (ISO 9001: 2015) to obtain the international quality certificate ISO has been completed the second cycle of the ISO certification cycle (building documents and documents and design quality system in accordance with the standard ISO10013 ).


Sadr’s policy is concerned about “fraud” in the elections and calls for international supervision


Sadr is concerned about "fraud" in the elections and calls for international supervision
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 19 minutes ago

The leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr on Saturday expressed concern about the possibility of “fraud” in the legislative elections scheduled for next May, calling for the need for international supervision to avoid those fears.

This came in a tweet on the site of “Twitter” read below:

Dawa Party expressed surprise: a revelation from heaven re-relationship between Baghdad and Erbil!

Policy  2018/03/24 17:28  732

Baghdad today – Baghdad

The Islamic Dawa Party, on Saturday, expressed its surprise at the return of “good and good” relations between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government, wondering whether he had been removed from heaven and restored the relationship.

The leader of the party behind Abdul Samad, in an interview with (Baghdad today): “We are surprised that there is a good relationship between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government, a few days ago, the Kurds boycotted the budget meetings to protest, and then most of the Kurdish deputies demanded a boycott of the political process.

He added: “I wish the Kurdish deputies, who called for the boycott of the political process, to abide by what they called him, and as long as the interest, so why return again.”

“The relationship now between Baghdad and Erbil is good, and this is something surprising for us, and we do not know the reason,” said Abdul Samad. “Is there a new revelation coming from heaven to restore this relationship between the two sides?”

Tensions between Baghdad and Erbil after the Kurdistan region to hold a referendum on 25 September last 2017, on the separation of the territory from Iraq, prompting the federal government to take a hard stance towards the authorities there, including suspension of flights at Erbil and Sulaymaniyah airports and demanding the delivery of border crossings to the center. On the extension of federal authority in disputed areas.

Baghdad and Kurdistan reached a formula to resolve the outstanding differences since the deterioration of relations between them, following the referendum of secession of the region, where the Prime Minister Haider Abadi and Najirvan Barzani, during a number of meetings, on a number of issues, notably the approval of the region to hand over its oil to the Iraqi Oil Marketing Company ) In exchange for the salaries of staff of the region by the Center.

The Prime Minister Haider Abadi announced in (13 March 2018), the reopening of airports Erbil and Sulaymaniyah for international flights after the response of local authorities in the Kurdistan region to restore the federal authority to the two airports mentioned.

The Federal Ministry of Finance, earlier on Monday (March 19, 2018), launched the salaries of all employees of the Kurdistan region, including salaries of the Peshmerga forces, while confirmed the continuation of the audit, to ensure that salaries reach the beneficiaries.