A government source is surprised by the objections of Kurdish blocs to the distribution of salaries


BAGHDAD / SNG – A government source expressed surprise at the objections of Kurdish blocs did not accept the paragraph in the budget distribution of salaries to the provinces of Kurdistan and now also object to the delivery of financial territory.

The source added that the objections of the Kurdish blocs during the adoption of the budget distribution of salaries on the provinces of the Kurdistan region has been installed and handed over to the Prime Minister as well as has been talking to the blocks during the presence of the Prime Minister to the House of Representatives and now object to what they demanded, and raised the paragraph in the budget, which emphasizes distribution on the basis of the provinces .

“The government has fulfilled its commitment to our Kurdish people, and they are keen to have salaries paid to employees,” he said.



a US commander made from Iraq with a sudden statement about Baghdadi

A US commander makes Iraq a surprise statement about Baghdadi
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The leader of the coalition forces in Iraq, Wednesday, that there is no longer a need to hunt down the leader of the organization Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, pointing at the same time that “is not convinced that the organization took advantage of the leaders of the former Iraqi regime.”
“The leader of the state organization, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, has no influence and we do not care to pursue him,” Colonel Seth Folsom, a spokesman for the Pentagon, told the Pentagon from the base of Ayn al-Assad in Anbar.
“It is unbelievable that reports that state organization has used the leaders of the former Iraqi regime to lead its forces in the country,” adding that “what the leaders of the organization and a few key leaders who left were entangled in a kind of ideology that very few of us understand” .
“We will not need to hunt down al-Baghdadi directly. All we need is to systematically pick his leaders and lead them from the advanced and intermediate cadres so that none of them will remain to protect him and then we will eventually bring him to justice,” Folsom said.
The US commander described the fighters of the state organization as “running like cowards in the face of Iraqi attacks, and that their leader Baghdadi was nowhere to be seen.” He pointed out that the goal of organizing the state in Iraq now is “just to stay.”
“These are small pockets of fighters who have problems communicating with each other and building a coherent strategy,” he said, adding that “the organization of the state has been broken, they are essentially without leadership here, and are doing everything in their power to cling to hope.” I say with confidence that their days are numbered. ”
“These small pockets – the remnants we are focusing on – are easily addressed, and we are working with our Iraqi partners,” Folsom said. “One of our biggest enabling capabilities is providing and sharing information with them.”
“So every time we are able to uncover what we think remains of the state organization – whether they store things in the caves or work somewhere in the desert – we pass this information freely to our Iraqi partners and then the Iraqi army takes it and processes it,” he said.
The US commander’s remarks came at a time when the state organization stepped up attacks this month, where it launched on Thursday an attack on a force of border guards at the Anz checkpoint near the Iraqi-Saudi border west of Anbar.
The Iraqi forces said in statements quoted by local sites that “violent clashes broke out near the outpost, killing five elements of the state organization.”
On Thursday, four soldiers from the Iraqi border guards were killed in an ambush organized by the State Organization on the international road linking Iraq and Jordan to western Anbar province after they attacked their wheels with various weapons while enjoying their permits.
Earlier this month, Iraqi security forces foiled an attack by a suicide car bomber driven by a suicide bomber before detonating security supplies west of Ramadi in Anbar province.
The Iraqi forces announced that they liberated the entire territory of Anbar province, which constitutes only one third of the territory of Iraq, west of the control of the state organization late last year.
On Wednesday, the state organization stunned Iraqi forces with a violent attack on the outskirts of Tuz Khurmatu district, south of Kirkuk. Twenty-five people were killed and wounded in an armed attack on a bus carrying civilians in the same governorate.
It is noteworthy that the organization had attacked in the middle of this month, Iraqi security forces in the provinces of Diyala and Salahuddin, killing seven of them, including two officers, and wounding three others.
Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi warned on Tuesday of an attempt by the state to launch attacks as parliamentary elections near May 12.
Last February, the Iraqi Interior Ministry revealed that the leader of the state organization, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, had recently been admitted to a hospital in the Syrian peninsula to deteriorate his psychological condition, as well as to treat serious fractures and injuries to his leg and body.
The head of the intelligence hawks in the ministry, Abu Ali al-Basri, that “al-Baghdadi is still present in the area of ​​the Syrian island near our borders,” denying at the same time to escape to another area.


Jordanian economic delegation to visit Iraq after the volume of exports

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Economy News _ Baghdad

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Amman Chamber of Commerce, Al Ain Issa Haider Murad, revealed on Thursday the increasing volume of Jordanian exports to Iraq after the reopening of the border crossing of Trebil. He also pointed out that a delegation from the private sector will visit Iraq soon, pointing out that the Chamber will address the concerned bodies to find a mechanism To make it easier for Iraqi investors to obtain a visa.

“The volume of Jordanian exports to Iraq is increasing, especially after the re-opening of the border crossing of Trebil and the need to exploit it to promote trade between the two countries,” Murad said in a statement to Jordan’s Al-Ghad newspaper on the sidelines of his meeting with the Anbar Chamber of Commerce. “A delegation from the private sector will visit Iraq to build new economic partnerships between the two countries.

“The value of goods re-exported from Jordan to Iraq through (transit) of about 1.5 billion dinars annually, and pointed to the dialogues that took place between the governments of the two countries regarding the introduction of Jordanian trucks to Iraqi territory directly, without stopping in (Exchange Square) to facilitate and increase Trade exchange between the two brotherly countries. “

Murad pointed out that “the Amman Chamber of Commerce will address the concerned authorities to find a mechanism to facilitate access of Iraqi investors to a visa to enter the territory of the Kingdom,” pointing out that “Jordan is a commercial gateway to the countries of the region and enjoys a fertile investment environment and seeks to attract investments in various sectors and joint projects, Reconstruction in Iraq and Syria. ” 


Postponement of the biometric update in Mosul to accelerate the distribution of electronic cards to voters

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The Electoral Commission decided to continue the distribution of electronic voter card in the city of Mosul and postpone the process of registration Biometric.
“The Electoral Commission has decided to continue to distribute electronic voter cards in Mosul and to postpone the process of biometric registration,” said a member of the Commission of Commissioners spokesman Karim al-Tamimi in a press statement received by the agency All Iraq.
Tamimi added that “the receipt of the card in turn will be through the head of the family only,” pointing out that “this action of the Commission comes in order to facilitate the procedures of receipt of electronic voter card and increase the pace of work to distribute the largest possible number of voters in order to participate in the upcoming parliamentary elections.”



Barzani Calls for New Formula Between Erbil and Baghdad


Barzani Calls for New Formula Between Erbil and Baghdad  

ERBIL — Prominent Kurdish leader Masoud Barzani has described the recent agreements between Erbil and Baghdad as a “breakthrough”, encouraging both sides to work for a new formula in their partnership.

“It is important to find a new formula for our mutual benefits, so that we, as two good neighbours in full confidence with each other, can move forward,” Barzani said in his latest statement for New York Times.

“We hope that such a breakthrough can help alleviate some of the economic hardships that our people are suffering right now.”

The remarks come after the Iraqi central government lifted a five-month flight ban on the Kurdistan Region, and agreed to send the salaries of part of Kurdish public servants.



Expert: Iraq is heading towards an oil revolution that revives its economy and stops the import of derivatives

March 22, 2018

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Knuzmedia -aguetsad said oil expert Hamza jeweler, said Thursday that Iraq is heading toward an oil revolution revive its economy and provide him with a lot of money and stop the import of oil derivatives, adding that Iraq will feel it soon may become a source country of petroleum products.

“There are several refineries operating in most provinces, which in turn will supply the country with various oil derivatives of gasoline, white oil and gas, in addition to other non-essential materials,” Jawahri said in a statement   to local media .

“The opening of the new refineries leads Iraq to self-sufficiency of oil derivatives, some may be exported abroad, but the global oil market is full of supply of oil,” adding that “the country will soon see a major oil revolution provides billions of dinars contribute to the delegation Balance the money and thus the advancement of the Iraqi economy. ”

The member of the Committee on oil and energy parliamentary MP Ibrahim Bahr al-Ulum earlier confirmed to the information that Iraq has reduced the import of oil derivatives by 25% after the opening of new refineries and near the completion of other refineries in Nineveh and southern provinces, which will revive the Iraqi economy and stop the import process. SS


These are the projects sponsored by the World Bank in Mosul

Ninewa / Al-Ghad Press:

As Mosul gradually returns to its pre-invasion period, a World Bank team visited the city to discover a series of reconstruction projects and the works it is working on.

During the meeting of the World Bank Group Vice President for the Middle East and North Africa with the governor of Nineveh, it was revealed that several important projects were financed by the World Bank, in addition to other projects that affect the re-establishment of social relations in multi-ethnic and sectarian areas.

During his visit to Mosul, Hafiz Ghanem told Al-Ghad Press that “three bridges have been implemented through the ministries concerned with Iraqi hands, but the World Bank is financing them.”

Among the bridges reconstructed by the World Bank are three, the old bridge and the fourth and the bridge Muthanna out of 14 bridges in Nineveh.

“The World Bank is also seeking to settle disputes in Sinjar, Tal Afar and eastern Mosul, which are mixed areas for the purpose of restoring social ties among its Arab, Kurdish, Shabak, Turkmen and Christian populations,” Governor Nawfal al-Aakoub told Al-Ghad Press.

“The governor asked the bank to finance development contracts for the purpose of winning the largest number of workers in Nineveh.”

The World Bank has increased funding for projects in Iraq’s war-torn provinces by $ 400 million to $ 750 million worth of projects.

The World Bank’s talk about these projects opened up many files that activists in Mosul have referred to, including questions about the Iraqi government’s work and its reconstruction funds.

“The government says it has allocated a special budget for Nineveh, as well as the local government, which says it has received the development funds of the provinces and others, and claimed the completion of bridges and buildings. Senior officials came and opened them before they found that they were financed by the World Bank,” said Aidan Abdullah, .

“If the World Bank funds foreign projects and organizations, the aid goes to the people, and many people depend on lifting the rubble on themselves,” Abdullah said.


Gulf newspaper: Trump and Bin Salman agreed to support the Iraqi government

March 22, 2018

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Knosmedia – Politics

US President Donald Trump and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman agreed at the White House on Tuesday to support the Iraqi government, the newspaper Al Rai reported Thursday.

The sources said that Trump and Bin Salman “discussed the issue of Iraq, and there was consensus on the need to support the Iraqi government and the efforts of reconstruction and reconciliation, similar to the Saudi humanitarian support, current and future, in Yemen” .

The newspaper added that “Iran occupied the bulk of the talks between President Donald Trump and his guest Ben Salman, followed by talk about bilateral trade and the volume of mutual investments between America and Saudi Arabia.”

According to the newspaper, bin Salman “expressed concern about Iran’s non-nuclear activities destabilizing and security in the region.” SS


US delegation to visit Baghdad and Erbil next week to discuss the return of the Peshmerga to Kirkuk

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – A US delegation will visit Baghdad and Arbil next week to discuss an agreement to re-deploy the Kurdish Peshmerga in Kirkuk, an American website said Thursday.

“A US delegation will visit Erbil and Baghdad next week to agree on the redeployment of the Peshmerga forces in the disputed areas alongside the federal forces,” the spokesman for the so-called ‘Arab tribes’ said.

“Representatives of the Arab clans met officials in the US defense and foreign ministries to discuss the situation in the areas where the forces withdrew,” al-Hewitt said.

“He predicted the Haweet ‘near the establishment of a joint operations room between Baghdad and Erbil, Ashraf US advisers to coordinate between the Peshmerga forces and the Iraqi government in the disputed areas.