Kurdish blocs welcome Baghdad to send a “third” of the salaries of the staff of the region and reveal: so will be completed

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Baghdad today – follow-up

The newspaper “Middle East” in a report published on Tuesday, sending the capital Baghdad less amounts than agreed between the center and the region as salaries to its employees, while noting that the Kurds considered the move positive.

The newspaper said in its report, that “two days before the Kurdish celebration of Nowruz, which begins tomorrow, the Iraqi government announced the sending of salaries for a month to employees of the Kurdistan region and the Peshmerga, to pay the authorities in Erbil, its contribution to salaries of the region’s oil,” indicating that ” For the receipt of 318 billion Iraqi dinars (about 300 million dollars). ”

The MP from the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Majid Shankali, as quoted by the newspaper, the step Baghdad, “a good indication of resolving the crisis between the parties if we take things realistically, although there is a discrepancy between the actual need for the staff of the region, including the Peshmerga forces, and what was sent from Before the federal government. ”

Shankali said that “the amount sent to the province in the amount of 318 billion dinars, not enough for all employees, while the total salaries of regional staff and retirees and (Peshmerga) and the social protection network jump to about 800 billion dinars.”

He added that “paying the remaining oil sales is normal because Kurdistan eventually exports oil, so the government must complete the remaining amount of oil revenues with continued audits.”

The MP in the Iraqi parliament, the Kurdish Change bloc, Massoud Haider, that “what happened is a positive step certainly and can contribute even in part to resolve the crisis of salaries of staff of the region, but according to the meetings that we held in the Finance Committee with the Prime Minister, the amount allocated within The budget of 2018 for the staff of the region is 218 billion dinars, plus 125 billion for social welfare, which means that should have been paid 419 billion dinars, the rest of the remaining oil imports.

“The amount is a good step, but it will not solve the crisis, especially for employees of the Ministries of Health and Education,” he said.

On the other hand, considered the independent Kurdish MP in the Iraqi parliament, Sarwa Abdul Wahid, “The federal government disappointed in reality the hopes of citizens in the Kurdistan region, as they were waiting to resolve their financial crisis through the launch of a full salary.”

“The people were shocked when they discovered that the federal government paid only a portion of the salary and that the rest would take over the government of Kurdistan through compulsory savings, which is rejected by the staff of the region,” Abdul Wahid was quoted as saying.

The Information Office of the Prime Minister, Saad al-Hadithi, said in a statement yesterday that “Prime Minister Haider Abadi ordered the transfer of salaries of all employees of Kurdistan, while continuing to audit their names.”

Al-Hadithi pointed out that “the Federal Ministry of Finance has launched the salaries of all employees of the Kurdistan region, including (Peshmerga), with the emphasis on continuing audit to ensure that salaries reach the beneficiaries.”

He pointed out that “the region produces about 300 thousand barrels per day, and assumes the territorial government to complete the amount sent by the federal government to ensure that salaries reach employees in a fair and equitable, as is the case for the rest of employees in all governorates of Iraq.”

Arbil announced on Monday the arrival of salaries of its employees from Baghdad.

“The governor of the Central Bank of Iraq sent a letter to the Ministry of Finance in the Government of Kurdistan provided for the transfer of 317.5 billion dinars, of which 281.7 billion dinars, for employees of the Kurdistan region, except the Ministry of Peshmerga, and 35.8 billion dinars to the Ministry of Peshmerga.

The ministry said in a statement that “the Kurdistan region needs 590 billion dinars to pay the salaries of employees saving system,” asserting that “the amount transferred from the federal government handed over to the Ministry of Finance in the territorial government yesterday.” “Payroll will continue until today,” she said.



One thought on “Kurdish blocs welcome Baghdad to send a “third” of the salaries of the staff of the region and reveal: so will be completed

  1. the way I read this was that PAYMENT was made in CASH and NOT on the card like we have been told. Digital is the ONLY way they will ever make this thing work. I’m READY to go on to what’s NEXT!


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