infallible policy congratulated by Norouz: Kurds celebrate amid worsening situations .. We seek to overcome them

Maasoum congratulated Benrouz: Kurds celebrate amid worsening situations .. We seek to overcome them
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 11 minutes ago

The President of the Republic Fuad Masoum on Tuesday congratulated the Iraqis on the occasion of the Norouz holidays, calling for strong adherence to the values ​​of freedom, unity, understanding and working together to achieve more victories against the forces of terrorism.

The congratulations are as follows:

Peace, mercy and blessings of God

On the occasion of the celebration of Norouz celebrations this year .. We extend our warmest congratulations and congratulations to our people in Kurdistan in particular and the Iraqi people in general, and to all the revelers in the world for this tragic holiday, the Day of Freedom, Hope and Spring. I hope that our nation and people will enjoy a new year of peace. Brotherhood, progress and well-being.

I carried the torch of Norouz .. The meanings of the aspiration towards freedom and hope for equality and justice and openness to the spring of life .. And other meanings of the lofty that gave the feast of energy immortal made its renewal an occasion to remember the greatness of life itself .. And made the celebration to celebrate the freedom and dignity .. The spirit of human partnership and brotherhood.

The celebration of our Kurdish people is a national holiday this year amid growing economic difficulties. All of us, officials and authorities, call upon us to redouble our efforts to resolve them and to continue to spread and uphold the values ​​of solidarity and solidarity in order to strengthen the unity of society in all its components and spectrum. Of the living values ​​that the spirit of Norouz is beating.

As we now consider with high appreciation any effort aimed at alleviating the suffering of the low-income social and professional groups in the Kurdistan region, and paying tribute to all the feelings of solidarity among our people throughout the country, we hope that this immortal event will be accompanied by renewed And deepen the bonds of harmony and understanding and unite between the people of our one people .. And walk together to achieve more victories on the forces of terrorism and atonement and darkness and tyranny.

The great victory achieved by our brave armed forces in all its formations from the army, the federal police, the anti-terrorist forces, Peshmerga, the popular crowd, the clans, and civil volunteers … is the property of all our people, as well as the responsibility of protecting and developing it. It is the feast of Nowruz, the values ​​of freedom, looking to the future and challenging tyranny, arbitrariness and the values ​​of openness to life, spring and blossoms.

We hope and work urgently to overcome these emergency circumstances, just as we all are working in Iraq with determination and will that our celebrations, holidays and lives continue in secure and stable conditions in a free, secure and prosperous federal democratic Iraq.


One thought on “infallible policy congratulated by Norouz: Kurds celebrate amid worsening situations .. We seek to overcome them

  1. Yeah right he really says what he means. This guy another fake. This fool tried to delay the budget. So glad he failed.


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