parliament ‘s signals a lack of an infallible return to the budget: the winds will go on

Twilight News

7 minutes ago

A member of the parliamentary legal committee, Zana Said, said on Sunday that the reservations of President Fuad Masum on the 2018 budget will go to include the wind if it is not submitted to the Federal Court.

The infidels decided to return the draft budget law, which was voted on the third of this month, to the parliament to re-examine the form and content of the constitutional, legal and financial, pointing to the existence of about 31 points intersect with the active inventions.

“The president of the republic sent his remarks to Parliament and this has nothing to do with the budget being considered valid after 15 days of sending it to the presidency,” Saeed told the news agency.

“It may be possible to challenge the Federal Court on the budget and make those observations, but we know that the presidency has not done so far.”

The Iraqi parliament approved on the third of this month the final version of the draft federal budget for the year 2018, after achieving a quorum by 176 votes out of 328 deputies.

And ratified the Iraqi parliament on a budget worth 88.5 billion dollars for the year 2018, despite boycotting Kurdish parliamentarians to vote in protest against the reduction of financial allocations for the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

The budget was based on oil exports expected to reach 3.9 million barrels per day, producing Kurdistan Region 250 thousand barrels per day of them. The budget set the reference price of the barrel at $ 46.

The Iraqi budget plan expected revenue to reach 77.5 billion dollars, while the projected deficit was estimated at 10.6 billion dollars with 20.8 billion dollars allocated for investments.

It was supposed to pass the Iraqi budget before the beginning of 2018, but several key points of disagreement between the central government on the one hand and Sunni Arabs, and Arab Shiites and Kurds on the other prevented the draft budget on time.


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