Kurdistan Union agrees on a new Secretary and his leadership

Release Date: 2018/3/17 21:08

Kurdistan Union agrees on a new Secretary and his leadership

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) has agreed to choose a new secretary for him, as well as his leadership and the exclusion of leaders.
“The leadership of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan ended the meeting held today under the supervision of Kusrat Rasul Deputy Secretary General of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan in the city of Sulaymaniyah, it was agreed that the Messenger of the Secretary General of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan.” 
He added that “the new members of the Political Bureau were agreed upon by Kosrat Rasul Ali, Hiro Ibrahim Ahmed, Omar Fattah, Arslan Baizu, Governor Qadir Hama Jan, Saadi Ahmed Bira, Qader Aziz, Mala Bakhtiar, Shorsh Ismail, Mahmoud Sinkawi, Rizkar Ali, Wassau Mamand, Adnan Mufti, Jafar Sheikh Mustafa and Rifat Abdullah” . 
The Bira that “the list of the leadership of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan has been free of former leader Barham Salih and the governor of Kirkuk, former Necmettin Karim and Azad Jundani and that” these are not on the list of the leadership council. ”



The return of the Peshmerga to the “disputed” under US supervisionSpokesman of the Arab tribes of Benin: ‘We had asked Washington to do so’ …

 arabic 17/03/2018 – 23:56 News / Kurdistan

 The return of the Peshmerga to the “disputed” under US supervision

The spokesman of the Arab tribes in Nineveh, Sheikh Muzahim al-Hewitt, on Saturday, the US efforts to return the Kurdish Peshmerga forces to all Kurdish areas outside the administration of the Kurdistan Region, or so-called <disputed>, and establish a joint administration with the federal forces.
A high-level US delegation will visit Baghdad and Erbil to agree on a formula for joint administration in the “disputed” and redeployment of the Peshmerga forces alongside federal forces, al-Hewitt said.
He pointed out that the US leadership has informed Baghdad about the redeployment of the Peshmerga forces in all the disputed areas and the formation of a joint operations room between the two sides, supervised by the US forces, adding that “the Arab tribes have been notified by the US government in Washington.”
The spokesman for the tribes of Nineveh, that the Arab tribes demanded the US forces to return Peshmerga forces, being «she has maintained those areas and provided thousands of martyrs and wounded in that way», stressing that «after the withdrawal of the Peshmerga forces from these areas have been returned a large proportion of the incentive And «most of them under the cover of some factions of the popular mobilization, and is a significant threat to the religious components of the <disputed», especially the province of Shankal », in a press statement (Pasnioz).
He pointed out that Arab tribes «have fears of the return of sectarian violence and attacks on followers of different religions in those areas, and Abizaid« After the submission of a formal request from us to the US government has been informed the Government of Baghdad the need to redeploy the Peshmerga forces, being the one who liberated those areas From the grip of a supporter and kept it ».
He stressed that «the disputed areas with a majority of Kurdish», and that all the components of religious, national and sectarian in those areas are of great concern «after the accession of most of the elements of the organization of a supporter of the Arabs to the ranks of popular mobilization».
He revealed that «is scheduled to visit a senior US delegation next week to Erbil and Baghdad to agree on the redeployment of Peshmerga forces in the disputed».
The Peshmerga forces entered the “disputed” after the Iraqi army and other security forces broke down in front of a few thousand armed men in 2014, where they were able to liberate and protect them over the past years of the war against Da’ash.
Following the events of October 16, the Popular Rally militias with other Iraqi forces took control of most of these areas, following the betrayal of a team from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and the withdrawal of Peshmerga forces to avoid confrontation with these militias.
After this date, the security situation deteriorated significantly in the “disputed”, and resumed its activity significantly through bombings and attacks, despite the announcement by Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi end of the organization and “final victory” late last year.


Iraqi cash reserves rise to $ 50 billion



Knozemedia – Economy
The Committee on Economy and Investment parliamentary, on Saturday, exceeded the cash reserve with the Central Bank of Iraq to about $ 50 billion, due to the high global oil prices and the completion of military operations against the organization, “Daash” criminal.
 The cash reserve with the Central Bank of Iraq exceeded 50 billion dollars after a decline lasted for several years because of the decline in oil prices and economic loss after the invasion of gangs and urged several provinces in 2014,” said a member of the committee Najeeb Najib .
“The rise in oil prices and the completion of military operations against the criminal advocate raised the cash reserve in the central bank,” adding that “the rise in Iraqi cash reserves will contribute to increase the confidence of foreign investors and increase the profits of the bank from the sale of the dollar.”
Najib explained that “the cash reserve decreased last year to about 45 billion dollars, while in 2016 to about 43 billion dollars after the government withdrew amounts to pay the deficit in the budget,” ss


Deputy: The House of Representatives directed the Ministry of Finance to launch budget allocations 2018



Information / Special …

Announced the MP for the National Alliance Amer Hussein, the Parliament officially directed the Ministry of Finance to launch budget allocations 2018, considering the objection of President Fuad Masum for electoral reasons.

“The House of Representatives officially addressed the Ministry of Finance to launch the 2018 budget allocations after 15 days from the date of its submission to the Presidency of the Republic.”

He added that “the remaining period on the expiration of the 15-day deadline four days during which the Ministry of Finance is obliged to launch it as automatically approved.”

He considered the rejection of the budget by President Fuad Masum as “electoral propaganda to satisfy the region,” noting that “the latter committed a major constitutional line to reject the budget and return to Parliament.”

He pointed out that “Masoum is one of the personalities who participated in writing the constitution and has knowledge of all its articles and can not apply his appeals and objections to the 31 articles of the budget.”

The Presidency of the Republic refused, last Tuesday, to approve the law of the budget of 2018 and identified 31 articles objected to return to the House of Representatives.


Erbil and Baghdad to Discuss Customs This Week

Erbil and Baghdad to Discuss Customs This Week

ERBIL — Delegations from Kurdistan Region and Iraqi government are set to meet next week for talks over the disputes pertaining to the customs of the Kurdistan Region, said an Erbil official.

“The meeting will take place next week to discuss the structure and regulations at the [Kurdistan Region’s] customs. However, the exact timetable of the meeting is not decided due to the official holidays,” said Samal Abdulrahman, the general director of Kurdistan Region’s customs.

According to the official, Iraqi PM Haider al-Abadi’s advisor for the economic affairs would also attend the meeting in Baghdad.

Concerning the staff members at the Kurdish offices of customs, Abdulrahman said that there will be no change and no replacements as far as agreed till now.


War: Infallible appeals in the budget will go to the Federal Court and 90% of them unconstitutional


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The legal expert Tariq Harb, Saturday, that the budget will go despite the objection of the Presidency of the Republic, and between the presidency the right to appeal before the Federal Court, pointed out that more than 90% of the points objected will be answered by the Court for unconstitutionality.

“According to the constitution, the president of the republic can not return the budget to the parliament, and the latter is not entitled to receive it,” he said, adding that “the budget will go according to the instructions of the constitution despite the objection of the Presidency of the Republic and the Ministry of Justice, Day of voting date “.

He added that “the Presidency of the Republic the right to file a lawsuit before the Federal Court and submit its appeals and can be amended by the Parliament in case of appeal,” stressing that “more than 90% of the points of appeal and the specific objection by the Presidency of the Republic on the budget of 2018 will be answered by the Federal Court for unconstitutionality” .

The Presidency of the Republic refused, last Tuesday, to approve the law of the budget of 2018, objecting to 31 articles trying to return to the House of Representatives. Finished 25 and


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