Political volcano after not ratified .. Thus violated the “infallible” constitution


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Tuesday 13 March 2018 6:22 pm
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BAGHDAD / – The decision of President Fuad Masum on Tuesday to restore the federal budget for the year 2018 to parliament, a political revolution and the denunciation by most political figures and by most components, while the parliamentarians confirmed the unconstitutional “action” infallible, others To a “blatant” breach of the law.

It seems that the “jump” done by the infallible to the Constitution is only to prove the view of the Kurds, who have continued to object to their allocations from the budget, according to observers. While the infallibility of his failure to ratify the budget, to the existence of about 31 points where intersect with the legislation in force.

War: He has no right to reject the budget

The legal expert Tariq Harb that the President of the Republic does not have the right to refuse to ratify the Federal Budget Law of the Iraqi state at all.

He said war in an interview with local news agencies, “The budget is ratified within 15 days whether approved by the President of the Republic or not,” noting that “the budget according to the Constitution required the President of the Republic to ratify it within fifteen days and has no right to reject it, Approved in the event of refusal of the infallible ratification and has no right to reject it legally. “

And the coalition of state law that the attempt to infallible Kurdish parties to increase the proportion of the region will not get whatever they did, they took their entitlement according to the Iraqi constitution.

Virtue of Parliament: The Constitution did not grant the power of veto to infallible

For his part, the head of the parliamentary bloc of virtue Ammar Tohma, that does not give the Constitution the power of veto to the President of the Republic on the legislation enacted by the Iraqi Council of Representatives and Article (138) of the Constitution granted the veto to the Presidency Council and one electoral cycle ended in 2010.

In a statement received by “Eye of Iraq News”, Tohma said that “the article provided for granting the right of veto to the Presidency and the return of the laws objected to the Council of Representatives to review the disputed areas.”

He pointed out that “Article 138 itself indicated that the provisions of the President of the Republic shall be reinstated after one session subsequent to the entry into force of this Constitution and the powers of the President of the Republic specified by Article 73, which gave the power to ratify and issue laws within fifteen days from the date of receipt. In case the expiration of (15) days of receipt, and did not grant Article (73) any power of objection or return of the laws of the House of Representatives.

Constitutional breach pursuing an infallible

In turn, said a member of the Finance Committee parliamentary Majida Tamimi, that the failure to approve the President of the Republic Fuad Masoum, on the budget of the year if it is linked to a particular cause, if it is a “constitutional breach,” the right to reject and return to Parliament.

Tamimi said that “the presidency of parliament had sent the budget to the presidency, last Wednesday and naturally wait for 15 days, in case not been expected and approved by the Presidency, the procedures will proceed normally by publishing in the official newspaper to become the budget law “He said.

“If the president’s refusal was linked to a specific reason, such as a constitutional breach, the right would be rejected,” she said. “In our view, the budget did not constitute any constitutional violation until the moment of its final approval.”

Tamimi said that “his opposition was linked to the share of the region, the criterion adopted by the population and this applies to all the provinces of Iraq, or if it is because of the refusal of the World Bank, we are a state we have our own decisions and laws,

National Alliance: infallible biased towards his nationality

The MP from the National Alliance, saying that the President of the Republic Fuad Masum, aligned with his nationality, and does not lead the work as president of all of Iraq and as a lawyer for the Iraqi constitution voted by the Iraqi people.

“The President of the Republic Fuad Masum is legally and constitutionally obliged to ratify the budget law 2018, but he sided with his nationality and invalidated the ratification of the law and return it to the House of Representatives.”

He added that “the work of the budget is to work, after 15 days, and does not require the approval of the President of the Republic to the law, and the budget will be work, even after returning to the whisper of the House, with arguments not valid.” Finished


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