Deputy Trump calls Abadi and comment on the lifting of the ban on aviation Kurdistan


Deputy Trump calls Abadi and comment on the lifting of the ban on aviation Kurdistan
 one hour ago

US Vice President Mike Bens during a telephone conversation with Prime Minister Haider Abadi developments between Baghdad and Kurdistan and the political situation, praising the opening of airports in the Kurdistan region and send salaries to the staff of the region.

Baghdad imposed a ban on international flights to the airports of Erbil and Sulaymaniyah in September last, as part of the “punitive” against Kurdistan against the backdrop of the referendum on independence from Iraq.
Arbil has entered into difficult negotiations with Baghdad over the past months in an attempt to restore international flights to the two airports, before ending with a decision by Prime Minister Haider Abadi to resume flights since Thursday

In a statement to the White House seen by the twilight news, Pence expressed his happiness to reopen the airports of the Kurdistan region and send part of the salaries of staff of the region by the federal government.
The two sides touched on the upcoming Iraqi parliamentary elections and pointed out that they must be conducted freely and away from any fraud

The two sides also talked about relations between the two countries and the protection of Christians and other religious components in Iraq and the Middle East, and that the commitment of the Iraqi prime minister is important for America.
As he spoke about the elections in Iraq next May, reports on Iran’s interference in the government and the establishment of a free and fair election in which those Iraqis who have been displaced by the fighting are “hasty.”
He congratulated Bens Abadi on the victory of the Iraqi security forces in the war against “Daash,” stressing the ongoing partnership of those forces, the US military and allied partners.

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