Source: Saudi Crown Prince will visit Baghdad and Najaf soon

Arab World News

Source: Saudi Crown Prince will visit Baghdad and Najaf soon

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

A source familiar with the authorities in Baghdad and Najaf is preparing to receive the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who will pay an official visit to the country soon, and revealed the content of his visit.

“The first day will witness the signing of agreements with Prime Minister Haider al-Abbadi, while the second day will witness a historic visit to Najaf, where the Crown Prince will meet with religious leaders,” the source said.

The schedule of Ibn Salman’s visit also includes participation in the official opening ceremony of the Arar border port between Iraq and Saudi Arabia to resume the trade exchange between the two countries and the opening of the Saudi embassy in Baghdad and its consulate in Najaf.

The source added that Ibn Salman will lead a high-level delegation consisting of ministers, government officials and businessmen. He said the visit comes at the invitation of Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and an arrangement of politicians and officials who have recently visited Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi Crown Prince’s visit is the first of its kind carried out by a Saudi official at this level since 1989.

Saudi Arabia donated $ 1 billion to Iraq during the Kuwait International Conference for the Reconstruction of Iraq in February, in addition to $ 500 million to finance Saudi exports to Iraq and to begin distributing the Saudi grant to organizations Iraqi relief amounting to 20 million dollars.

A new phase in the relationship between Saudi Arabia and Iraq was inaugurated after Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubair visited Baghdad in February last year, the first of its kind in more than a quarter of a century.

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