Kurdistan Financial will make a generous allowance for this category of employees

Twilight News

46 minutes ago

The Ministry of Finance and Economy in the Kurdistan Regional Government, said on Saturday that it decided on the order of the Council of Ministers of the region to spend the encouragement of registration staff for public property starts from 100 thousand dinars and up to 500 thousand dinars, pointing out that the decision applies from the beginning of this year .

According to the instructions of the Ministry No. 3 for the year 2018 and published in the fact sheet Kurdistan, the approval obtained payments of encouragement to the real estate registration staff of the Ministry of Justice by 5 percent of their salaries.

According to the instructions, the amount of incentive allowances starts with 500 thousand dinars for the Director General and 275 thousand dinars for the Director and 225 thousand for the Deputy Director and the Chairman of the Commission and the auditor and 200 for the people’s officials and 160 thousand for other employees and 120 thousand for contract employees and 100 for service personnel.

The instructions confirmed that the incentive allocations are monthly and can not be disbursed for other purposes and will be paid as of 1/1/2018, pointing out that the decision includes employees committed to full-time.




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