Rafidain Center for Dialogue and the Middle East Foundation discuss the economic problems between Baghdad and the Kurdistan region


Economy News Baghdad :

The Rafidain Center for Dialogue and the Middle East Research Foundation organized two sessions to discuss the economic and political problems between the Kurdistan Region and Baghdad .

The Rafidain Center for Dialogue in a press statement received by “Economy News”, “The Rafidain Center for Dialogue at its headquarters in Najaf Al Ashraf received a delegation from the Kurdistan region represents the Middle East Research Foundation MERI , within a memorandum of cooperation agreed by the two parties to organize a series of dialogue programs aimed at establishing community peace, The outstanding problems between the center and the region, “noting that” the delegation included a number of Kurdish political figures and academies, including Dr. De Laur Alaeddin, head of the Middle East Research Foundation and Jafar Aminki, Deputy Speaker of the Kurdistan Regional Parliament and Saadi Ahmed Bireh member of the Political Bureau of the National Union Dstani Hadi Ali ,chairman of the political body of the Islamic Union of Kurdistan and Dr. Abdullah Aloisi head of the Union of Islamic Scholars in Kurdistan and the members of the Iraqi Council ofRepresentatives Arafat and Mahmoud Karam Reza Amin and Muthanna . “

“The dialogue program included two sessions held at the Sergio de Mello Hall at the headquarters of the Rafidain Center for Dialogue. The first session entitled” The Future of Governance in Iraq: Crises and Partnership Opportunities “discussed the methodological foundations of governance and how to implement them in Iraq in light of a crisis. In the administration of the state between the governments of the Center and the region, the participants reviewed – in a dialogue atmosphere characterized by frankness and acceptance of views – many of the wrong policies by the parties and that caused the escalation of the crisis .

“The second session was held in the form of a round table entitled” The role of decision-makers and the political elite in building confidence among the Iraqi components “, led by Mr. Omar Al-Shaher, Media Advisor at the Rafidain Center for Dialogue, and with the participation of a group of Iraqi political figures representing the ruling parties, Al-Fatawi, Sami al-Askari, Adnan al-Zarafi, Dr. Nassar al-Rubaie and Ali al-Muayyed, where many topics were discussed, such as the impact of the constitutional provisions on the distribution of wealth and the effects of the federal system in Iraq. Consensual democracy guarantor of the rights of all, and the rejection of past differences and speeches convulsive definitively to build confidence between the components in a real and clear . “

On the other hand, Zeid Talaqani, head of the Rafidain Center for Dialogue ( RCD),stressed that the Center has not stopped trying to bring the views of the parties in the governments of the center and the region closer together in order to achieve community peace, support the democratic experiment and build a prosperous homeland. De Laour Alaeddin, president of the Middle East Research Institute ( MERI), confirmed that these sessions are informal sessions aimed at lobbying decision-makers to lay the foundations of the state of citizenship .

On the other hand, the President of the Association of Iraqi private banks Wadih al-Hanal in a letter sent to the Rafidain Center for Dialogue, “We were very pleased with the results of the two meetings held by the Rafidain Center for Dialogue Rcd in his headquarters in Najaf, in cooperation with the Middle East Merl , The establishment of a sustainable community ladder, and the resolution of outstanding problems between the center and the region under the title (The future of governance in Iraq: crises and opportunities for partnership), and the role of decision-makers and political elites in building trust between constituents .

He added that “addressing these two controversial issues at this level of brainstorming and the wide participation of Arab and Kurdish political and academic figures will inevitably contribute to overcoming the wrong policies on both sides, enhancing the chances of participation and accepting the other opinion and preventing escalation of the crisis between the center and the region, Which may enter the country “God forbid” in a dark tunnel .

“We highly appreciate the two sessions of the two dialogues on the importance of resorting to the Constitution as a guarantor of the rights of all components in accordance with the principle of citizenship, and emphasis on the equal rights and duties of all Iraqis, and focus on the adoption of consensus to overcome differences and overcome obstacles, and renounce convulsive speeches and build bridges of trust between the components of the Iraqi people in real, And with sincere intentions . “

He pointed out that “history will be recorded with gratitude for the Rafidain Center for Dialogue and the Middle East Foundation this wonderful initiative, which aimed primarily to bring together the views of the parties in the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government to bring about community peace and unite efforts and channel all the energies of Iraqi society to build the homeland. And establish a state of citizenship. “


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