Kirkuk region shows the agreement with Baghdad in the management of airports and ports

Editorial Date: 2018/3/7 13:04 • 131 times read


announced the General Directorate of Customs in the Kurdistan region, on Wednesday, close to reach a final agreement between Erbil and Baghdad on the management of border crossings.

“The federal government and the Kurdistan government have agreed in principle to manage the border crossings in the region,” said General Director of Kurdistan Customs, Samal Abdulrahman.

He explained: “According to this agreement in principle, all border crossings in the Kurdistan region will be managed by crews from the Kurdistan region with the supervision of the Iraqi government and control.”

“During the coming week, a joint delegation from Baghdad and the Kurdistan region will go to the crossing to prepare a report that will be the basis for a decision on this matter,” Abdul Rahman said.

It is noteworthy that the management of border crossings in the Kurdistan region, has become one of the points of disagreement between Baghdad and Erbil after the imposition of the federal authority in the province of Kirkuk on October 16 last, where the Prime Minister, Haider Abadi, the intention of his government to impose control of the federal authorities while the region calls for management in a way Common.

“The closure of airports in the region is not punishment or retaliation against our citizens there, but we want to subject them to the federal authority, which is a constitutional requirement recently approved by the region,” said Abbadi yesterday, adding that “the government will pay the salaries of eligible employees in the region soon and will not wait forever.

” The technical return of the federal authority to the airports has begun and soon will be issued my order in this regard. ”

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