Iranian minister: Jahangiri’s visit to Baghdad will strengthen Iranian-Iraqi relations

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Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade Iranian Mohammad Shariatmadari stressed the importance of the visit by the Iranian First Vice President Isaac Jhangere to Iraq next Wednesday, and said “it will be a springboard from simple economic and trade relations between the two countries to greater economic relations point.”
“The visit of Jahangiri will be positively reflected on the field of joint investment between Iraq and Iran, as well as the special cooperation relations on the delivery of technical and engineering services, as well as participation in the reconstruction of Iraq after the victory of the Iraqi people to organize the calling of the terrorist,” Shariatmadari said in a press conference in Baghdad. That “the meetings of the Iranian delegation will be with all the Iraqi stakeholders in all areas of political, economic and cultural.”

Shariatmadari arrived in Baghdad on Monday morning and met Minister of Planning and Acting Minister of Trade Salman Jumaili, where they discussed ways to promote and develop economic, trade and investment relations and increase the volume of trade exchange between the two countries.


Iraq confiscates Saddam Hussein’s property and thousands of former officials


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Iraqi authorities have ordered the seizure of assets and property held by former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and more than 4,200 former officials in his government, an official statement said.

An Iraqi commission, the Accountability and Justice Commission, which has been tasked with tracking down former Ba’th party officials and their relatives, has drawn up a list of senior government officials.

The name of Saddam Hussein appeared at the top of the list, the body said the list included “his children and grandchildren and relatives.”

And seized the property that was in the possession of the former Iraqi president and his associates, after the fall of the Iraqi government in the wake of the US invasion in 2003.

The new order aims to confiscate these assets and assets in an official manner.

The list includes ministers who took office under Saddam Hussein, security leaders and Baath Party officials, including some still in prison, those executed, and those who died.

Among the most prominent names are Tarek Aziz, a veteran foreign minister and former deputy prime minister

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Among the most prominent names are Tarek Aziz, a veteran foreign minister and former deputy prime minister

Among these names is Ali Hassan al-Majid, Saddam Hussein’s cousin, who was known as “Chemical Ali”, who was executed in 2010 for the murder of thousands of Kurds by gas in 1988.

The list also includes Tariq Aziz, a veteran foreign minister who served as deputy prime minister before the overthrow of Saddam Hussein after the US invasion.

Aziz, the only Christian among Saddam Hussein’s leaders, was sentenced to death in 2013 but died two years later.

Property and assets belong to 4,200 Iraqi officials

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Property and assets belong to 4,200 Iraqi officials

His son Ziad, who lives in Jordan, denounced the list as “a trick to win votes” in the May 12 legislative elections.

“We have been under pressure and injustice for 15 years, and that is enough,” he was quoted by AFP as saying before announcing the official order on Sunday.

“When will this government end?” He asked.

Ziad Aziz denied that his family had any assets, saying his father’s home in Baghdad had already been seized by Shi’ite politician Ammar al-Hakim.,15700021,15700105,15700124,15700149,15700168,15700173,15700201&usg=ALkJrhgoIysSpsLic90S5brYCrknC1wPSQ

the House of Representatives votes on 14 laws and decisions and clarification on the expulsion of a deputy

The House of Representatives votes on 14 laws and resolutions and clarifies the expulsion of a deputy
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 36 minutes ago

Shafak News / Voice of the House of Representatives in its regular session fourteen held under the chairmanship of Salim Jubouri in the presence of 220 deputies on Monday 5/3/2018, the eight laws and six resolutions and ended reading a bill.
At the beginning of the session, the Council voted on the proposed amendment law of Law No. 13 of 2011, submitted by the Legal Committee, which allowed for a larger segment to contribute to the provision of services to citizens within their work areas and to further strengthen the role of the electors as the link between the citizen and the local government.
The Council completed the vote on the proposed amendment to the First Law of the Anti-Terrorist Act No. 31 of 2016, submitted by the Security and Defense Committee, in view of the importance of the headquarters of the anti-terrorist forces in the leadership and management of the lower leaders associated with it in all respects (Special Operations I, II and III) Is currently in the field and he played this role in all the operations against the organization and urged the existence of proven as the headquarters of the dominant control of all operations, which requires the return to the structure of the anti-terrorism apparatus and exercise its powers according to the law.
The Council ended the vote on the draft law of the Iraqi National Oil Company submitted by the Committee of Oil, Energy and Natural Resources to ensure the exploration, development, production and marketing of oil resources in the fields and land allocated to them under the law on behalf of the Iraqi state and to increase production and development of oil and gas industry and facilities and related structures and methods of work on the basis of efficiency Flexibility and competitiveness to maximize revenues for the benefit of the Iraqi people and in accordance with recognized international standards, which requires the formation of the Iraqi National Oil Company as a public company wholly owned by the state and reflects the concept of ownership of the people Oil and gas and the development of specialized formations within the organizational structure commensurate with its role in the management and development of oil and gas producing fields and discovered the paper oil and gas industry and the development of various other energy sectors in Iraq.
The Council voted on a parliamentary resolution includes a correction to the mistake and inadvertently included in the general budget on the allocation of 3 trillion dinars instead of 2 trillion dinars within the compensation of employees and include the Kurdistan region and the popular crowd.
The Council also completed the vote on a parliamentary resolution that includes the Minister of Finance in coordination with the Minister of Planning to include the instructions facilitating the implementation of the budget law and the rules of disbursement of the funds referred to in such a way as to ensure consideration of the above and the benefit of all the displaced and the provincial authorities concerned, the Governor and the provincial council prepare a plan to restore stability in these In accordance with the above provisions and submitted to my ministries of finance and planning for approval in the disbursement of funds allocated. All the above procedures shall be audited within a period of not less than three months to ensure proper procedures for the return of displaced persons, The exploitation of the money is in the interest of outside stakeholders (IDPs) and all contracts provided by the provinces and ratified by the Ministry of Planning and implemented in accordance with the implementation of government contracts Law No. (2) for the year (2014).
The Council voted on the proposed law to protect the teacher, teachers, supervisors and educational guides in order to reduce the phenomenon of violence and attacks on the teacher or teacher or educational supervisor or the specialist or educational guide in public and private schools and schools of endowments and religious affairs inside or outside the school for matters related to the performance of the duties of his job Or of its puppies and attention to the scientific and living level of the teacher, teacher, educational supervisor, specialist and educational counselor in public schools to promote this profession as an important pillar for the progress of the nations and sovereignty in order to take the school its role irrigation In the event of an act of aggression committed by a student or a student of a financial fine for considerations of the nature and level of their awareness, it is a trend consistent with the principles of justice, taking into account the penal provisions contained in the laws in force.
The Council voted on a parliamentary resolution that includes changing the curriculum of students with special needs from the elementary stages or halving them to suit their level of awareness.
The Council completed the vote on the draft law of Babel, the cultural capital of Iraq, submitted by the committees of tourism, archeology, culture, media and legal, with the aim of enhancing the cultural and religious role of the province of Babylon and activating the tourist, archaeological, religious and cultural movement in Iraq.
The council ended the vote on the proposal of the Samarra law, the capital of Islamic culture, presented by the committees of tourism and archeology and the legal committee to enhance the cultural role and religious role of Salahuddin province and activate tourism, archeological, religious and cultural movement in Iraq.
The Council voted on the proposed amendment to the Second Amendment Law to compensate the victims who lost part of their bodies as a result of the practices of the former regime No. 5 of 2009 amended by the Committee of Martyrs, Victims and Political Prisoners.
The Presidency decided to postpone the vote on the proposed law of the Institute of Sports Management submitted by the committees of sport and youth and legal to be held a meeting between the Committee concerned and sports bodies for the purpose of maturation.
The Council voted on a parliamentary decision obliging the government to provide operational contracts to the Electoral Commission and allocate to those working in the Independent High Electoral Commission before 2015. The
Council voted on a parliamentary decision on oil smuggled and the money obtained from the fields of Kirkuk includes the mandate of the Central Bank to know the names of banks and persons deposited in their names, Forming an investigative committee of oil, energy and integrity committees to submit its report within a month.
In another matter, President al-Jubouri stressed that the draft law of the House of Representatives aims to ensure the independence of the Council and its formations and does not include privileges, calling for the deletion of any article containing privileges, pointing out that the draft law relates to the composition of the Council and powers and the exercise of the legislative and supervisory roles where the executive authority is not controlled by the House of Representatives by granting Privatizations expressed concern for the independence of the House of Representatives according to the separation of powers.
The Council ended the vote on the proposed law of the House of Representatives and its composition to clarify the constitutional and legal status of the president and his deputies and deputies and their duties and rights as required by the Constitution and the statement of some aspects of the relationship between him and the other authorities and establish a general secretariat of its directorates and other formations and offices of consultants to facilitate the work in it and to determine the grades for senior positions.
President al-Jubouri said that MP Kazem al-Sayadi denied that he had announced through a media that he had been expelled from the hearing.
The council voted on a parliamentary decision obliging universities and government colleges to implement a decision to reinstate students who are restricted to school if the student presents his or her affiliation to the popular and tribal crowd and by signing or representing the head of the popular crowd.
The Council completed reading a report and discussion of the proposed sale and lease of slums to its occupants.
It was then decided to resume the session on Tuesday 13/3/2018.

parliamentary bloc announces the return of 17% share of the Kurdistan Region budget

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21 minutes ago

The head of the bloc “will” in the Iraqi parliament Hanan al-Fatlawi on Monday to re-vote on the share of the Kurdistan Region of the federal budget for the current year and return it to what it was in previous years to 17%.

Al-Fatlawi wrote on the social networking sites today that “after the deputies of Kurdistan agreed on a trick to restore their proportion in the budget through the addition of trillion Iraqi dinars to balance the region through a proposal to amend the budget presented today, and after my objection we were able to drop them by voting again today,” as she put it.

But the president said that “the President of the Council deceived some of the National Alliance deputies to re-vote on the paragraph and actually voted on it and when they objected attacked me and threatened to President of the Council to take me out of the hall.”

The Iraqi Council of Representatives had voted on the budget of 2018 financial boycott of the Kurdish blocs to reduce the share of the Kurdistan region to 12% after it was in the years after the fall of the former regime 17%.

The revenues of the general budget are estimated at (91643667236) thousand dinars (ninety nine trillion six hundred and forty-three billion six hundred and sixty seven million and two hundred and thirty-six thousand dinars). The estimated revenues from the export of crude oil were calculated on the basis of the average price of 46 dollars per barrel at an export rate of 3 million Eight hundred and eighty-eight thousand barrels per day, including 250 thousand barrels per day from the Kurdistan region.

The budget allocations amounted to (104158183734) thousand dinars (one hundred and four trillion and one hundred and fifty-five billion one hundred and eighty-three million and seven and thirty-four thousand dinars), while the total budget deficit budget (12514516498) thousand dinars (twelve trillion five hundred and fourteen billion five hundred and sixteen million And four hundred and ninety-eight thousand dinars).


trillion extra dinars to the staff of Kurdistan and the crowd

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56 minutes ago

The Iraqi Council of Representatives, on Monday, to correct the error included the draft federal budget law concerning the popular mobilization and staff of the Kurdistan Region.

He told a parliamentary source that the twilight news that under the new correction, will be allocated 3 trillion dinars instead of 2 trillion dinars for compensation of employees of the Kurdistan region and members of the popular mobilization, ”

adding that what he voted in advance” inadvertently “in the draft draft

After the labor of Asir, The Iraqi public budget law for the year 2018, ending months of disagreements on most paragraphs of the law, especially the allocations of “popular mobilization” and oil-producing provinces, at a time boycotted the Kurdish parliament session in protest to reduce the share of the region from 17 percent to 12.6 percent, Threatening to boycott the political process.

The Council of Ministers of the Kurdistan Region that the passage of the federal budget law is a clear violation of the principles of partnership and consensus on which the new Iraq was built.

The popular crowd also criticized its share in the budget.

Direct distribution of salaries of employees of the education of Nineveh

March 5, 2018



Kneoz Media – The Ministry of Education, on Monday, direct distribution of salaries of its employees in Nineveh and identify three areas as a first stage.

The ministry’s media office said in a statement that “the distribution schedule for the day includes secondary education in the secondary Mosul district, in addition to the primary and secondary Tal Afar district, the primary and secondary Rabia education department, the elementary and secondary elementary schools, .

He pointed out that “the distribution will be after the third hour in the preparatory flowers for boys,” pointing to “spread the rest of the tables successively.”

Abadi informs the Kurdish deputies of an important matter concerning the salaries of the region’s employees

BAGHDAD / SNC – The decision of the Finance Committee Ahmed Hama, on Monday, the sending of Prime Minister Haider Abadi, a letter to the Kurdish parliamentarians informed them of the readiness of salaries of officials of the ministries of health and education in the region, indicating that Abadi called on Kurdish deputies to find a suitable way to receive and distribute salaries transparently and just .

Hama said in a statement to SNG that “member of the Finance Committee Jabbar al-Abbadi contacted me personally and informed me of a letter from Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi confirming the readiness of salaries of officials of the Ministries of Health and Education in the Kurdistan region for extradition,” noting that “Abbadi assured me that the amounts are under The hand is ready to be sent at any time. ”

He added that “the Prime Minister called us through the letter to find a way to send the amounts and delivery to the education and health staff in Erbil in a transparent and fair and ensures the rights of employees.”

Hama, head of the Kurdistan Islamic Group parliamentary bloc, said that “contacts are underway between political parties opposed to the development of a new mechanism to receive salaries and send the accountants of directorates of the departments to Baghdad to receive salaries.”

of new developments on the lifting of the international aviation ban on the Kurdistan

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News / Kurdish sources revealed that the Iraqi government will lift the ban on international flights in the airports of Erbil and Sulaymaniyah international during the next few days.

On September 29, Baghdad banned international flights at the two main airports in Kurdistan in response to the independence referendum but kept domestic flights between Iraq’s other airports.

The Kurdistan 24 station, based in Arbil, what it described as the source informed saying that Baghdad will cancel the ban on international flights soon. Without going into more details.

The director of the Erbil airport, Tallar, told Asharq Al-Awsat that the Iraqi Civil Aviation Authority extended the ban on international flights at airports in the region for three months, ending on May 31.

Baghdad says it will not lift the ban until it has direct supervision of the two international airports in the semi-autonomous region.

Iraqi government spokesman Saad al-Hadithi told Asharq Al-Awsat earlier that the extension of the ban would be lifted once an agreement was reached on the management of the two airports.

Kurdish officials say the ban on international flights has a negative impact on the economy of the Kurdistan Region, forcing many companies to close their offices and lay off employees.


Masoud Haidar reveals to Al-Ghad Press the size of the financial allocations for the salaries of the employees of the district

BAGHDAD / Al-Ghad Press:

A member of the Finance Committee parliamentary, Massoud Haider, on Monday, the size of financial allocations for salaries of employees of the Kurdistan region of the budget, pointing out that the launch will be from the beginning of this year.

Haider said in a statement to “Al-Ghad Press” that “the budget this year has set allocations for salaries of employees in the Kurdistan region amounted to 4 trillion dinars,” noting that “the payment of salaries to employees according to the law will be from January until the end of this year.”

He pointed out that “many MPs have objections to the budget law and from different blocks,” explaining that “did not rule out the resort to the government to appeal some of the additives from the House of Representatives before the Federal Supreme Court.”

The media department in parliament closes the door to the press center in front of deputies

Baghdad / Al-Ghad Press:

The media department in the House of Representatives closed on Monday, the door to enter the press center before the deputies until the completion of the votes.

The correspondent of “Al-Ghad Press”, the Chamber of Information of the House of Representatives prevented today, journalists from taking statements by deputies at the time of the meeting, while indicated that it will allow this after the completion of the votes.

He also closed the entrance to the press center in front of deputies.

The House of Representatives held its meeting, on Monday, headed by the President of the Council Salim Jubouri and the presence of 220 deputies.