Disclosure of the main reason behind the visit of “Mohammed bin Salman” to Baghdad !!

05-03-2018 02:14 PM


Baghdad News –



The parliamentary security and defense committee has revealed the immediate aim of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s visit to Baghdad.

“The visit is economic and comes in tandem with the aspirations of Iraq to move towards investment after the end of the war,” Al-Quds Al-Arabi quoted a member of the parliamentary security and defense committee as saying. “After the war against the organization and the triumph of Iraq, ‘.

“There have been high-level visits by Iraqi officials to Saudi Arabia, which prompts Riyadh to return these visits and direct coordination with Baghdad in the security and economic aspects, especially as there are a number of investment projects that will be launched in the coming months.”

Al-Gharawi, a deputy of the Free Sadr bloc, said the Saudi official’s visit was “within this framework.”

Badruh member of the Committee MP from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Abdul Aziz Hassan said that ‘the Iraqi-Saudi relations are going through a very positive stage and have seen an opening in diplomatic relations.’

He pointed out that ‘Iraq needs to balance its relations with the Axis countries, and balance in dealing with these countries according to the public interest of Iraq,’ noting that ‘the upcoming visit of the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia will strengthen these relations’.

He pointed out that ‘there is an intention of Saudi Arabia to deal with Iraq at the investment level, and this will affect the social relations between the Iraqi and Saudi people’.




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