After the boycott .. Why the Kurds participated in the parliament session: Kurdish blocs reveal




Policy 2018/03/06 00:33 1168 Editor: bh

Baghdad today – Kurdistan

Kurdish blocs revealed in the House of Representatives, the reason for their participation in the parliament session, on Monday, while confirmed “end” its role in defending the rights of the Kurdish people, after the vote on the budget law for the current year.

The leader of the blocks Zana Said (Baghdad today), “The decision of our boycott of the meetings of the House of Representatives, was related to the budget law of 2018,” explaining that “the decision was boycotted any meeting in which the budget.”

“Said Said,” Now and after the end of the parliament of the budget law there is no justification for boycotting the sessions, and we continue our role as members of the House of Representatives, “asserting that” the role of the Kurdish blocs in defense of the rights of the Kurds in the budget law is over.

The Iraqi Council of Representatives, had held earlier, on Monday, its 14 headed by Salim Jubouri, in the presence of the Kurdish blocs after boycotting parliamentary sessions because of its opposition to the inclusion of the federal budget for 2018 and approval of the absence of Kurds.

The Iraqi Council of Representatives, has finished the first Saturday, the vote on the draft federal budget budget for the year 2018 worth more than 104 trillion dinars and a deficit worth about 12.5 trillion dinars, and included 48 articles canceled three of them and added another 18, amid the province of Kurdish blocs, To withdraw from the political process, because of the calculation of 12.67% for the Kurdistan region, instead of 17% approved since the first budget for Iraq after the change in 2004.

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