Baghdad today publishes the text of the first amendment to the anti-terrorism law

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Baghdad today – Baghdad

(Baghdad today), the text of the First Amendment Law of the Anti-Terrorism Act No. (31) of 2016, which was voted by the House of Representatives during its meeting for today.

The following is a copy of the law:

In the name of the people


On the basis of what was approved by the House of Representatives and ratified by the President of the Republic based on the provisions of item (I) of Article (61) and Article (III) of Article (73) of the Constitution

The following law was issued :

No. (2017)


The First Amendment to the Anti-Terrorism Law No. (31) of 2016

Article (1) An item shall be added to Article (6) of the Law. The sequence shall be (1). Article (6) shall be rearranged and shall be as follows :

First, the leadership of the anti-terrorism forces and the first, second and third special operations command, the medium lab and the intelligence centers in the provinces .

Article 2 Article V of Article 6 of the Law shall be deleted .

Article (2): The text of the first and second articles of Article (8) of the Law shall be repealed and replaced by the following :

The head of the anti-terrorism forces mentioned in item (1) of Article (6) shall be an officer of no less rank than a brigade of experts with expertise and competence in the field of combating terrorism. He shall be appointed in accordance with the law. For the Dean of a corner with expertise and competence in the field of combating terrorism is appointed in accordance with the law .

(2) Each of the directorates mentioned in paragraphs (a) (b) of the second item and paragraphs (bgd.h) of the third item and (viii) of Article (6) of This law is employed by the rank of general manager who holds at least 8 years of primary university degree in the field of specialization and has a service in the field of his work not less than (12) twelve years or a general rank .

Article 4 This Law shall be implemented from the date of its publication in the Official Gazette .

Positive reasons

In view of the importance of the headquarters of the anti-terrorist forces in the leadership and management of the lower-level leaders associated with it in all respects (Special Operations I, II and III), since the headquarters is currently in the field of the field, which has exercised these states in all the operations against the organization, The most dominant of all operations, which requires the return to the structure of the anti-terrorist apparatus and the exercise of its powers according to the law .

This law was enacted

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