Information on the budget of 2018 in dollars

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(Baghdad: the Euphrates News) voted the House of Representatives on Saturday on all paragraphs of the federal budget for 2018.
The budget included expenditures in Iraqi dinars and the US dollar.
Here we explain to everyone some information about these expenses:
104 trillion dinars = 88 billion dollars
budget deficit 12.5 trillion dinars = 10.25 billion dollars (means 10 billion and a quarter billion dollars) the
price of a barrel of oil approved in the budget on the basis of $ 46 dollars export rate of 3.8 million barrels per day, including 250 thousand barrels of quantities of crude oil produced in the provinces of Kurdistan.
Accreditation of 5% of the revenues of crude oil and natural gas for the petrodollar project for the producing governorates.
Iraq’s oil imports in the budget amounted to more than 77 trillion dinars, and 14.4 of non-oil revenues.
$ 2.5 billion for the purchase of weapons, ammunition and logistical support for the Ministries of Interior and Defense, the Popular Struggle and the Counter-Terrorism Bureau.
To force the Kurdistan Regional Government to export at least 250 thousand barrels of crude oil per day produced from its fields to be marketed through the company {Sumo} exclusively and received revenues to the federal public treasury.
It also included the following budget: the
allocation of a proportion of the allocations of the federal ground forces of the Iraqi army to the salaries of the Peshmerga forces according to the population ratios of the said forces as part of the Iraqi security system.
And to force the Kurdistan Regional Government to return the amounts of Kirkuk province achieved from the petro-dollar and deposited in the banks of the Kurdistan region to the expense of the province in Kirkuk.
The appointment in all government departments shall be prohibited in the manner of contracting with the possibility of renewing previous contracts in the case of necessity. The contract period for the permanent landlords after 9/4/2003 shall be calculated as an actual service for the purposes of the premium, promotion and retirement, so that no financial consequences will be imposed retroactively. pensions for the duration of the contract calculated,
and the lack of appointment in any leadership positions , Director General {above} unless there is a degree in law or the ministry is not related to the Ministry or instructions works office.
In addition to the suspension of appointments in the three presidencies (the Council of Representatives, the Presidency, the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and the Office of the Prime Minister) and the departments and departments belonging to the three presidencies.
And the continuation of the sales tax on the service of mobilizing mobile phone and Internet networks by (20%) and revenues are credited to the final revenue of the Treasury.
A sales tax of 5% is imposed on all goods sold except for the ration card items in the malls and the services provided in the men’s and women’s shaving salons.
It also leases an airport tax at a lump sum of 25000 dinars per ticket for foreign travel and $ 10,000 for domestic travel at all Iraqi airports and is credited to the Treasury.
Punishment of imported alcoholic beverages shall be imposed at a rate of (200%) of the value of the imported goods, provided that they are met at the border port.
A tax on sweets, ice cream, dairy products, juices and imported soft drinks is also levied at a rate of 25% of the value of the imported goods.


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