Disputes Between Erbil, Baghdad Won’t Affect Kurdish Employees’ Salaries



Disputes Between Erbil, Baghdad Won't Affect Kurdish Employees' Salaries

ERBIL – Sending the salaries of the public employees in the Kurdistan Region does not depend on solving the disputes between Iraq and the region, but depends on finishing the auditing process of the name lists, said an Iraqi official.

Saad al-Hadithi, spokesperson to the Iraqi government on Saturday revealed to BasNews that once the auditing committees finish the process, the federal government will send the salaries of the Kurdish public servants.

He additionally said that the issue of border crossings revenues, the oil and any other disputes between Erbil and Baghdad will not affect the Kurdish workers’ salaries.

The Iraqi government a couple of months earlier sent a committee for the purpose of auditing the list of the employees’ names within the ministries of Health and Education, but the process is yet to be completed.


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