The Iraqi parliament approves the article on the Kurdistan region … and the Kurdish deputies boycotted the session


البرلمان العراقي


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The Iraqi Council of Representatives (parliament) on Thursday, the article on the Kurdistan region in the general budget of the country for the current year, despite the boycott of the Kurdish deputies for the meeting because of the inclusion of their demands within the budget.

Baghdad – Sputnik . Article 9 of the Kurdistan Region stipulates that the share of the Territory shall be determined from the total actual expenditure according to the “population” of each governorate and paid by the Federal Ministry of Finance with the approval of the Prime Minister.

A source told the agency “Sputnik”, said the Iraqi Council of Representatives acknowledged the absence of Kurdish MPs article on the Kurdistan region in the budget, noting that the Council raised its meeting to Saturday, because of the imbalance of the quorum after the adoption of 12 articles out of 48 (total budget items) .

The revenues of the general budget are estimated at (91643667236) dinars, ie about 77 billion dollars. The expected revenues from the export of crude oil were calculated on the basis of the rate of 46 dollars per barrel at an export rate of three million eight hundred and eighty-eight thousand barrels per day, including 250 thousand barrels Daily from the Kurdistan region.

The expenditure allocations amount to JD (104,158,183734) dinars (88 billion dollars), while the total planned budget deficit (125,145,168,498,000) dinars (11 billion dollars).

Today saw the province of the deputies of the Kurdish blocs, in protest to reduce the share of the Kurdistan region from 17 percent to 12.6 percent and vote on the paragraphs of the Kurdistan region.


The situation was exacerbated between Baghdad and Erbil after the referendum held by the Kurdistan region on 25 September 2017. The referendum commission in the region announced the participation of 72.16 in the voting process, of which 92.73% agreed on the separation and the formation of an independent state. Baghdad refused to recognize the referendum and its results.

On October 16, the federal forces began the process of imposing security and law in the disputed areas, and resulted in the restoration of government installations and oil in the province of Kirkuk and the restoration of several other disputed areas of Peshmerga forces before heading later to regain control of the border crossings between Kurdistan, Syria and Turkey.,15700021,15700105,15700124,15700149,15700168,15700173,15700201&usg=ALkJrhiTk9kwKkguA83bUYn58gix_cp8GA


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