Jubouri’s on Thursday sets the vote on the budget and warns

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“Twilight News / Speaker of the House of Representatives Salim Jubouri on Wednesday, the members of the Council to attend the meeting on Thursday to vote on the federal budget.

Jubouri said in a statement that “delaying the adoption of the budget will cause a significant obstruction in the work of state institutions, especially in light of the current financial and economic situation, and will cause the growing market stagnation and slow trade, as well as political problems that will result from this delay.”

He stressed that “we all aspire to achieve more achievements and work to consolidate permanent stability through the preparation of economic and development conditions, and the need to look seriously and realistically to the conditions of citizens and work to improve the living conditions and service them, and the general budget is the most positive factors to achieve it.”

He called the Speaker of the House of Representatives all members of the Council to attend the session Thursday to vote on the budget and not to repeat the mistakes of the previous.

The reduction of the share of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq in the budget of 2018, a broad rejection of Kurdish political forces, where the government reduced Abbadi, last November, the share of the province in the budget this year from 17 to 12.6 percent.

Sunni forces in the Iraqi parliament have also rejected the budget law for devoid of financial allocations for the reconstruction of the provinces that have been restored from state control and the return of displaced people.



Talabani acknowledges the existence of 50 thousand fictitious names in the lists of salaries of the region’s mates

28-02-2018 03:22 PM

Announced the deputy head of the Kurdistan Regional Government Kebad Talabani, on Wednesday, the deletion of 50 thousand fictitious names within the payrolls of the Kurdistan region, calling at the same time Baghdad to keep its promises and pay the salaries of the staff of the region.

Talabani said in a speech during the ceremony for the establishment of the electronic system in the Ministry of Higher Education that ‘the Kurdistan Regional Government was able to delete 50 thousand fictitious names were among the records of staff of the region during the process of registration Biometric,’ noting that ‘the follow-up phantom names will continue.’

Talabani added that ‘the Iraqi government continues to use arguments to not implement its promises to the Kurdistan region,’ calling on Baghdad to ‘keep its promises and pay the salaries of the staff of the region’.

The Kurdistan region is suffering from an internal political and economic crisis following the holding of the independence referendum on 25 September last year, while the relationship between the federal government and the Kurdistan region of great tension, after the last referendum on the separation on the twenty-fifth of last September, prompting the head of the central government Haider Abadi to impose Including the stopping of international flights at Erbil and Sulaymaniyah airports, and demanding that the Territory hand over all land border crossings.


Kurdish deputy: No agreement so far on the proportion of the share of the province in the budget

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Erbil Mawazine News

The MP of the Kurdistan Alliance, Massoud Haider, Wednesday, that it has not been so far agreed on the proportion of the share of the region in the Federal Budget Law for the year 2018, noting that the Kurds will not be part of the budget in the event that their rights are not included in them.

Haider told Mawazine News that “so far has not been agreed on a final version of the budget law, as well as it was not agreed on the proportion of the share of the region.”

He added that “the Kurds have a lot of observations regarding the share of the region, and that the dues of the Kurds are still not proven in the budget,” pointing out that “we are waiting for the meeting of the three presidencies to be held tomorrow.”

“We will not be part of this budget if the rights of Kurdistan are not guaranteed,” he said


an American senator after a meeting with Barzani: I will see the Kurdistan Region independent soon

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The US Congressman, Senator Ted Cruise on Wednesday called on his country to provide full and unconditional support to the Kurdistan Region, expected to be a state independent of Iraq soon.

“I strongly support that the Kurdistan region be free and independent,” he told reporters today after a meeting with the Kurdistan Region Security Council (KRG) adviser Massur Barzani.

“The Kurds have always been allies of us and supported America in very difficult times and made sacrifices for that,” he said, recalling that the Peshmerga “proved to be courageous and do not fear anything.”

“The United States should support the Kurdistan region unconditionally,” he said. “I am confident that I will see the Kurdistan region free and independent soon.”

The head of the Kurdistan Regional Security Council, Barzani, met earlier in the day with a group of members of the US Congress in Washington.

Barzani met with each of the members: Ted Cruz, Timkin, and Jim Hoff, where they expressed their support for the people of the Kurdistan Region.

Barzani said in a statement today, “We discussed the partnership between the United States and Kurdistan, and the need to implement Baghdad’s constitutional obligations to the region.”


Source: the three presidencies will hold a meeting to resolve differences on the draft budget


(Independent) … The three presidencies, on Thursday, an important meeting to resolve the dispute over the draft budget law for the year 2018.

“The meeting will discuss the resolution of controversial issues, especially with regard to the budget of the Kurdistan region,” a parliamentary source said in a press statement.

“The meeting was held before the parliamentary session scheduled for tomorrow at 1 pm.”

He added that “the parliamentary finance committee reached final consensus in most of the demands of the blocks in the budget, except for the introduction of representatives of the Kurdish component.”

He drew the source to “insert the draft budget law on the agenda of the session of the parliament scheduled Saturday if the three presidencies resolved the dispute on it.”

It was scheduled to hold the House of Representatives, its regular on Wednesday, but the continuation of the dispute over the budget bill of 2018 caused the withdrawal of the law from the agenda and postpone the meeting to Thursday.


A parliamentary source reveals the lack of inclusion of the budget to vote in today’s session

Date of release: 2018/2/28 12:36 • 2 times read

[Baghdad: Al-Furat News} Revealed a parliamentary source, why the draft budget law for 2018, not included in the agenda of the parliament session scheduled for Wednesday as announced yesterday.

The source told the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it, that “the Presidency of the Council of Representatives held a meeting, on Wednesday morning, with the heads of parliamentary blocs and members of the parliamentary financial committee,” noting that “the meeting was held in the house of Parliament Speaker Salim Jubouri, and discussed the draft budget bill Finance for 2018 as the end “.

He added that “a member of the Presidency of the Parliament, Aram Sheikh Mohammed, (leader of the Kurdish Change Movement) objected to the inclusion of the budget in the parliament session to vote on it, which caused the withdrawal of the bill from the agenda.”

The Jubouri, announced yesterday after meeting with the Finance Committee of Parliament, put the final touches on the budget law 2018, and valued the great efforts made by the Committee in overcoming all obstacles, and resolve the controversial points that hinder the adoption of the budget law within the constitutional timing.

“The ongoing discussions have led to a satisfactory formula for all sides,” the speaker said.

The agenda of the session of the parliament today was exempted from the vote on the 2018 budget