White: Interpol in Baghdad to receive arrest warrants against 37 personalities including ministers and senior officials

Information / Special …

Revealed security expert and political analyst Ahmed al-Abyad, Wednesday, the creation of a list of wanted names up to 37 personalities, including candidates for the upcoming elections will be handed over to the delegation of Interpol located in Baghdad.

“The Iraqi government has prepared a list of 37 individuals required for the Iraqi judiciary issued arrest warrants for the theft of public money in large amounts.”

He added that “among these figures ministers and former officials and sons of officials and candidates for the upcoming elections fled days ago,” noting that “the arrival of the delegation of Interpol to Baghdad came to receive those notes and arrest and return them to Iraq.”

He explained that “the arrival of Interpol to Iraq to receive arrest warrants is a precedent did not happen previously and usually go to governments to hand over the memos,” referring to the “seriousness of those moves to arrest the corrupt.”

He said that “Interpol intends to hand over passport passports to those figures and circulate them to the countries of the world to arrest them.”

The Secretary-General of INTERPOL International Jürgen Stok told the Prime Minister Haider Abadi, on Tuesday, that the Iraqis sacrificed their blood in defense of world security, and it is our duty to stand with them.



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