Talabani acknowledges the existence of 50 thousand fictitious names in the lists of salaries of the region’s mates

28-02-2018 03:22 PM

Announced the deputy head of the Kurdistan Regional Government Kebad Talabani, on Wednesday, the deletion of 50 thousand fictitious names within the payrolls of the Kurdistan region, calling at the same time Baghdad to keep its promises and pay the salaries of the staff of the region.

Talabani said in a speech during the ceremony for the establishment of the electronic system in the Ministry of Higher Education that ‘the Kurdistan Regional Government was able to delete 50 thousand fictitious names were among the records of staff of the region during the process of registration Biometric,’ noting that ‘the follow-up phantom names will continue.’

Talabani added that ‘the Iraqi government continues to use arguments to not implement its promises to the Kurdistan region,’ calling on Baghdad to ‘keep its promises and pay the salaries of the staff of the region’.

The Kurdistan region is suffering from an internal political and economic crisis following the holding of the independence referendum on 25 September last year, while the relationship between the federal government and the Kurdistan region of great tension, after the last referendum on the separation on the twenty-fifth of last September, prompting the head of the central government Haider Abadi to impose Including the stopping of international flights at Erbil and Sulaymaniyah airports, and demanding that the Territory hand over all land border crossings.


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