Kurdish delegation arrives in Najaf to meet with Sistani … Talabani Party warns Abadi from adopting Maliki’s policy to win votes

Mar 01, 2018

Baghdad: «A delegation of political parties in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, to ​​the province of Najaf, to meet with the Shiite cleric, Ali al-Sistani, in addition to participating in a number of seminars and discussions of local organizations.
According to Kurdish sources, the delegation includes representatives of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, the Movement for Change, the Alliance of Democracy and Justice, and the Kurdistan Islamic Union.
“The delegation does not represent the Kurdistan Regional Government, but represents the political parties and parties,” said the spokesman of the National Union, Saadi Bireh, in a press conference held in Erbil. “The Najaf visit took place between Miri Center for Studies and an organization in Najaf.”
“Today (yesterday) after the arrival of a group to Najaf, there will be a meeting between a local organization on good governance, and tomorrow (today) there are 20 personalities will go from the center of Miri and political parties and will start visiting the Imam Ali dish, and then be dialogues through a symposium on governance and crises and sources And how to solve it ».
He explained «we want to show our refusal to use the pulpit and religious events against the Kurdistan region».
In parallel, criticized the spokesman for the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan «non-commitment» the Prime Minister of Iraq, Haidar Abadi, the commitments made in resolving the differences and outstanding issues with the Kurdistan region.
He added: «We have a problem with Abadi, because we can not deal with what he says every day, where he makes promises on himself in a day and retreat from the other day».
He considered the Kurdish politician that the purpose of the conferences of Abadi «celebrate his heroines on the daisy, and this is not true, the Iraqi people is the one who defeated the organization and not as he thinks».
He continued: «Abadi practiced psychological war against the people of Kurdistan», noting that «Abadi can not through humiliation and force to win the people of Kurdistan».
He pointed out that «part of what is going back to the election campaign by Abadi, but he must bear in mind that his predecessor, Maliki tried by forming the Tigris operations win the voice of the Sunni Arabs, but failed to get one of them».
In the meantime, the Chairman of the Committee on Security and Defense parliamentary governor al-Zamili, the Asayish Kurdish forces to hand over the detainees of the organization «Islamic State» (da’ash) to the federal government forces, expressing concern for their use in operations against the security forces and citizens.
He said in a press statement to him, while inspecting the Saadouniyah district of the province of Hawija, which killed a number of members of the popular mobilization earlier, that «the leadership of the Federal Police began to spread in the areas of Hawija, Riyadh, Rashad and Saadounia to cleanse these areas of sleeper terrorist cells», That it was able to kill two senior leaders calling for those who contributed to the targeting of the forces of popular mobilization », according to the site of the mass« Ahrar »Sadria.
“A dominant headquarters was established to secure the province of Kirkuk and its environs, led by a brigade of competent officers,” he said.
He continued: «The military units were deployed in order to hold the contract in these areas to pursue the rest of the gangs and urged the fugitive».
He called for “the holding of free zones between the provinces of Erbil and Sulaymaniyah and other areas adjacent to the areas where the law was imposed,” stressing the importance of not allowing the exploitation of those lands to provide support to terrorists.
He called for “handing over to the federal government five thousand Daqshi who had surrendered earlier to the Peshmerga forces and now in the Asayish prisons, to be reassured that the status of these terrorists and their fate is controlled.” He expressed his fear of “using those terrorists in operations against security forces and citizens In the province of Kirkuk and the province of Tuzkurmatu and the city of Mosul ».



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