Progress Made in Erbil-Baghdad Talks: Iraqi Gov. Spokesperson


Progress Made in Erbil-Baghdad Talks: Iraqi Gov. Spokesperson

ERBIL — The governments of Kurdistan Region and Iraq are proceeding with the dialogues over their prolonged disputes, and there has been progress made with an agreement being in prospect now, said a Baghdad official.

“Significant steps have been taken in the talks between Erbil and Baghdad. The meetings between the delegations from [Kurdistan] Region and Iraq in Munich, Davos, and Baghdad helped a progress to be made in the talks,” said Saa’d al-Hadithi, a spokesperson for the Iraqi government.

In a statement to BasNews, the official said that the meetings between the sides would continue in hopes of finally reaching a deal.

Political disputes between Erbil and Baghdad escalated following Kurdistan’s independence referendum last September when the Iraqi army and Iranian-backed militias of Hashd al-Shaabi attacked the Kurdish Peshmerga troops in Kirkuk and other disputed areas.

However, Hadithi remarked that the remaining issues between the two sides are now rather technical and administrative issues that could be addressed through extended dialogues.

“An agreement and resolving disputes are imminent,” he added.

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