Abadi: We agreed with Erbil on the resumption of Kirkuk oil exports

Arab World News

Abadi: We agreed with Erbil on the reduction of Kirkuk oil exports

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi

Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi said that his government agreed with the authorities in the Kurdistan region to resume oil exports from Kirkuk through the Turkish port of Ceyhan to the world market soon.

“There is an agreement with the Kurdish side to start exporting oil,” Abadi said in a speech at a weekly conference on Tuesday. “The two sides agreed to deal with the differences between them later, without giving a specific time frame for the resumption of exports.

However, Ebadi wondered, “Where have billions of dollars of oil exported in the region?”, Revealing that “Ararat is shutting down its radars and carrying oil to sail to Israel.”

Abadi stressed the keenness of the central authorities in Baghdad on the security of Kirkuk and keeping it a “city for peaceful coexistence”, where “committees have been formed to simplify the procedures for obtaining the families of the martyrs of their rights.”

The Iraqi Prime Minister pointed out that the customs revenues have achieved a significant increase after the elimination of some of the hotbeds of corruption, stressing that “the government is keen on the presence of federal authority at the border crossings.”

It should be noted that news reports published by the agency “Reuters” in 2014 revealed the accession of the United States and Israel to the list of growing countries of buyers of crude oil from the Kurdistan region of Iraq in “illegal”, while confirming that Israel received four shipments of crude oil from Kurdistan During the same year.

Source: Reuters + Alsumaria News

Ina Asalkhanova



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