Learn about the pressures exerted to pass the budget

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The Kurdistan Alliance announced on Tuesday the existence of international and regional pressure as well as other pressure exerted by the International Monetary Fund to pass the budget during the coming sessions and the termination of differences.

The MP for the Kurdistan Alliance Piston Zankana for / information / “The differences on the budget has allowed many countries to enter the crisis line, especially after the differences reached their peak.”

He added that “the current period is witnessing international and regional pressure on the government and political blocs to pass the budget of 2018,” noting that “the IMF is the other is pressing the government to pass the budget in exchange for facilitating the loans provided to Iraq.”

Parliament has been witnessing for nearly three months a heated debate between the political blocs and the inability to prepare a meeting full quorum to pass the budget amid preference for interests.


Progress Made in Erbil-Baghdad Talks: Iraqi Gov. Spokesperson


Progress Made in Erbil-Baghdad Talks: Iraqi Gov. Spokesperson

ERBIL — The governments of Kurdistan Region and Iraq are proceeding with the dialogues over their prolonged disputes, and there has been progress made with an agreement being in prospect now, said a Baghdad official.

“Significant steps have been taken in the talks between Erbil and Baghdad. The meetings between the delegations from [Kurdistan] Region and Iraq in Munich, Davos, and Baghdad helped a progress to be made in the talks,” said Saa’d al-Hadithi, a spokesperson for the Iraqi government.

In a statement to BasNews, the official said that the meetings between the sides would continue in hopes of finally reaching a deal.

Political disputes between Erbil and Baghdad escalated following Kurdistan’s independence referendum last September when the Iraqi army and Iranian-backed militias of Hashd al-Shaabi attacked the Kurdish Peshmerga troops in Kirkuk and other disputed areas.

However, Hadithi remarked that the remaining issues between the two sides are now rather technical and administrative issues that could be addressed through extended dialogues.

“An agreement and resolving disputes are imminent,” he added.


Agreement Reached with Erbil to Resume Kirkuk Oil Exports: Abadi


Agreement Reached with Erbil to Resume Kirkuk Oil Exports: Abadi

ERBIL — The governments of Kurdistan Region and Iraq have agreed on resuming the flow of Kirkuk oil export to Turkey’s Ceyhan port after months of suspension, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said.

“It was agreed with the Kurdish side to start exporting oil from Kirkuk,” Abadi confirmed during a weekly press conference in Baghdad, as reported by Reuters.

However, he did not provide further details on any timeline.

According to the Iraqi premier, Baghdad has already started talks with Erbil and Ankara over the issue, and negations are ongoing.


Abadi: We agreed with Erbil on the resumption of Kirkuk oil exports

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Abadi: We agreed with Erbil on the reduction of Kirkuk oil exports

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi

Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi said that his government agreed with the authorities in the Kurdistan region to resume oil exports from Kirkuk through the Turkish port of Ceyhan to the world market soon.

“There is an agreement with the Kurdish side to start exporting oil,” Abadi said in a speech at a weekly conference on Tuesday. “The two sides agreed to deal with the differences between them later, without giving a specific time frame for the resumption of exports.

However, Ebadi wondered, “Where have billions of dollars of oil exported in the region?”, Revealing that “Ararat is shutting down its radars and carrying oil to sail to Israel.”

Abadi stressed the keenness of the central authorities in Baghdad on the security of Kirkuk and keeping it a “city for peaceful coexistence”, where “committees have been formed to simplify the procedures for obtaining the families of the martyrs of their rights.”

The Iraqi Prime Minister pointed out that the customs revenues have achieved a significant increase after the elimination of some of the hotbeds of corruption, stressing that “the government is keen on the presence of federal authority at the border crossings.”

It should be noted that news reports published by the agency “Reuters” in 2014 revealed the accession of the United States and Israel to the list of growing countries of buyers of crude oil from the Kurdistan region of Iraq in “illegal”, while confirming that Israel received four shipments of crude oil from Kurdistan During the same year.

Source: Reuters + Alsumaria News

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Iraq’s parliament lists the budget in today’s session in preparation for approval amid the province of the Kurds

Feb 28, 2018

Baghdad, «Jerusalem Arab»: Speaker of Parliament Salim al-Jubouri, on Tuesday, to reach a formula satisfactory to all political parties, on the financial budget for 2018.
His office said in a statement that “the Speaker of the House of Representatives Salim al-Jubouri held today (yesterday), a meeting with the President and members of the Finance Committee parliamentary, during which the finalization of the law of the general budget for 2018,” explaining that Jubouri “the price of efforts The great efforts made by the Committee in overcoming the obstacles, and resolving the points of contention that hinder the adoption of the budget law within the timing of the constitutional ».
He stressed that the «ongoing discussions led to a satisfactory formula for all parties», adding that «the end of the budget law will give messages of reassurance to all parties, and the next phase will see the start of the page of construction and reconstruction and the return of security and stability in the country».
The meeting came under the province of Kurdish political blocs, because of the failure to implement the demands of increasing the share of the Kurdistan region of the federal budget for the current year, after the Iraqi government decided to reduce from 17% to 12%, according to Kurdish media.
Immediately after the meeting, the House of Representatives announced the finalization of the draft budget and its inclusion in the agenda of Wednesday’s session.
The parliament’s presidency said in a brief statement that «the Finance Committee of the parliament completed the final draft of the budget bill 2018», adding that «the budget was on the agenda of the Council to vote tomorrow (today)».
A coalition of state law led by Nuri al-Maliki called on the House of Representatives and the Finance Committee, to bear the “moral responsibility” towards the Iraqi people, and the adoption of the budget as soon as possible and away from political differences and demands «illegal». “The House of Representatives must be decisive in approving the budget of 2018, because it concerns the lives of the people in terms of services, projects, benefits, etc., Borders and taxes. “
He revealed that «the adoption of the budget in need of the completion of the quorum (165 deputies out of the total 328), which is broken because of the demand of the Kurds by 17% and the withdrawal of the Union of forces from the meetings for their desire to achieve some demands and gains» he said.
He added: “The biggest responsibility lies with everyone, especially the National Alliance, which forms two-thirds of the members of the House of Representatives.” He pointed out «although the budget does not meet the aspirations and needs of the Iraqi people in all respects, but it is important to include the benefits of oil-producing provinces and distributed fairly.


Baghdad decided to open a border crossing Kurdistan

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The Iraqi cabinet decided Tuesday to open the Besht border crossing on the borders of Halabja province in the Kurdistan region, southeast of Sulaymaniyah.

“The opening of the crossing was at his request at the meeting,” said Jassim al-Jaf, minister of migration and displaced persons, in a leaflet on his Facebook page.

It is worth mentioning that the crossing of Basha Sertak was a secondary crossing point, linking the border area of Bamouh province of Halabja district Sheikh Saleh from the Iranian side.

It is noteworthy that the Iranian cities near the border crossings with Kurdistan recently witnessed protests, because of Tehran’s closure of border crossings, which affected the economic situation of its population.



These are the decisions of the Cabinet today


Release Date: 2018/2/27 20:31 • 92 times scheduled
(Baghdad: Al Furat News) The Cabinet held its regular session on Tuesday, February 27, 2018 headed by Prime Minister Haider Abadi.

The Council voted to form a Ministerial Committee of the Ministers of Defense, Higher Education, Culture and Water Resources to ensure the implementation of the governmental procedures required for the success and safety of the elections under Cabinet Resolution No. 347 of 2017. The Committee shall report to the Prime Minister to decide what he deems appropriate.

The meeting witnessed the vote on the school feeding project. The Cabinet also voted on the draft of the instructions of the formations of the Border Crossings Authority and its tasks. The draft amendment of the law of registration of births and deaths was voted on.

The Council voted to set the date of 12-22-2018 as the date for provincial council elections.

A vote was taken to establish Baghdad’s economic city.

And directed the Council of Ministers to turn the project of injection of sea water (Phase I) Basra oil company into an investment formula.

The Cabinet also decided to develop the giant Majnoon oil field with the national effort of the Basra Petroleum Company and the same standards and methods approved for licensing tours companies.